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Sudsy Wants You to Join the Oregon Commentator

The 1%-ers

“Me and Jenny was like peas and carrots.”

As I read through the hard copy of our latest issue, I noticed something that Distribution Manager Kiefer VerSteegh pointed out to me earlier in the week, “There’s a lot of anti-Obama stuff in here.”

Now there should be some clarification on the subject. Indeed, if one follows classic voter theory, Obama would probably not be many of our staff’s first choice. Seeing a few articles ridiculing him, therefore, is not such an unexpected thing. The point should be made, however, that in recent years the Commentator has strayed from national politics as its focus, instead relying on local–sometimes campus only–politics as its realm of study.

What I’ve been discussing around the office the last few days is my own growing attitude towards national politics. That is to say, my growing negative attitude. It can be summed up in the recent debacle around South Carolina’s Lt. Gov. Andre Bauer’s mis-step involving a reference of welfare users to stray animals. Bauer clumsily tried to explain the need for a new welfare system (a conservative mainstay that involves job training, de-funding or inexplicably, both) with a folksy reference to the feeding of stray animals. Jon Stewart, among others, had a field day with Bauer’s comments even though it doesn’t take half a brain to understand what he was trying to say (or that he said it poorly).

In this story, however, I find two things that drive me to exasperation. First, of course, is Bauer’s asinine comments. What a moron. Second is Stewart’s ridicule of the situation. Throw rocks at me all you want, but I still think the Daily Show is funny. This time, Stewart’s comments come as obvious knocks on the party Stewart opposes when he fully understands just what Bauer was trying to say.

But I digress. At times like this, Libertarian’s crack out their Big Book of Cliches and say things like “Republicans and Democrats. Makes no difference to me!” Although it would be a proper time to insert that sentiment, I still believe it to be too easy an out to use in this situation. But, as is often the case with cliches, there is still some remainder of truth beyond their chintzy exterior.

Our ridicule of Obama shouldn’t come across to our readers as a blatant hate of the man because he’s a Democrat. Nay, we have a blatant hate of the man because he’s a filthy politician. They all are. McConnell, Pelosi, Steele–the lot. Just in case you want some affirmation, Ronald Reagan was a dumbshit too.

Now that I’ve enraged both sides of our political spectrum, let me get to the point: In my eyes, and in the eyes of many of my constituents, Democrats and Republicans are one in the same. Both parties raise taxes, just on different brackets. Both parties restrict civil liberties, just on different groups (sorry gays/gun owners). Both parties believe in the expansion of the federal government, just in different directions.

For these reasons, I am glad that I am indifferent to their wiles. I am glad that I have grown tired of them, for it only reaffirms my confidence in my political affiliation. Most importantly, I’m glad that I belong to the small group of people, the 1%-ers, who don’t fit in, and who don’t give a damn.

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