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Sudsy Wants You to Join the Oregon Commentator

Pacifica Forum for Dummies

Dear everyone who stopped caring,
Remember how much we’ve been reading about Pacifica Forum for the last month (partly my fault)? I have a pop quiz for you, just to see if you were paying attention.

A)     A Neo-Nazi Group
B)      Responsible for vandalizing LGBTQA
C)      A Free Speech Group
D)     Against feminism, homosexuality, and ethnic equality.
E)      A White Supremacist Group
F)      Responsible for the anti-Semitic note
G)     Loving, respectful, intelligent people
H)     All of the above

A)     If you answered (A), you get an F. They’re not Nazis, or so they claim, but they talk about Nazism sometimes. Some members could possibly be Fascist, though probably not… but Fascism doesn’t inherently come with racism, sexism and bigotry (as illustrated by Imperial Japan). So, if you’re the protester whose been holding up that “smash fascism” sign, you get an F-.
B)      If you answered (B), you get an F. Until someone’s arrested, nobody’s responsible for vandalizing LGBTQA. When someone is arrested, they (the person) will be responsible for vandalizing LGBTQA. Kind of self explanatory.
C)      If you answered (C), you get a D. Just high enough to not have to take the test ever again. Because, in truth, every group that ever talks about anything is a free speech group. Do they exist solely for the empowerment of the First Amendment? Doubtful, considering it doesn’t really need to be empowered. So if you answered (C), you kind of cheated. But at least you have deductive reasoning.
D)     If you answered (D), you get an F. Some people in Pacifica may hate lots of stuff, some may even speak about it, or be intolerant about it, but that doesn’t mean the group represents those ideals, it means some people in the group do. Kind of self explanatory. Again.
E)      If you answered (E), you get an F. Same answer as (D).
F)      If you answered (F), you get an F. Same answer as (B).
G)     If you answered (G), you don’t just get an F, you get a WTF.
H)     If you answered (H), you don’t even get a grade because you’ve been kicked out.

So, what is the answer? You’re going to laugh. I promise.

I’ve attended several Pacifica meetings now to observe. I’ve watched idiotic protesters wave signs, ring phones, cry about things that they don’t actually understand. I’ve watched idiotic Forum speakers talk about things that would be humorous to credit with validity, pathetic concepts that no thoughtful person would ever think to give assembly for. The answer, dear campus, is that Pacifica Forum is a conspiracy theory group. Yeah, maybe not all of them believe the conspiracies, maybe some of them (hopefully the ex-Professors) know more about subjective truths and just are open to housing extremist concepts. But the fact remains that these concepts are discussed. They talk about concepts that are so inherently dumb (like that MLK was a Commie, of Jews killed 66 million people in Russia—very common conspiracy theories) that it’s nothing short of funny. The group is not malicious. The group is not dangerous. The group is not trying to hurt anybody, intentionally. The group is not trying to be hateful, intentionally. It’s just that… they’re dumb. Dumb for believing conspiracy theory, or dumb for providing it a venue. Either way.

But for the love of Mary, stop protesting a bunch of conspiracy theorists. Stop giving them attention; stop validating the fact that their theories are even worth opposing. They’re not going to go away, they will continue to use their free speech and further outlandish ideas. Why can’t we all just ignore them and let them piddle away onto the backburner where they belong? Why can’t the protest just leave them alone and let them be stupid in isolation? WHY HAVE YOU EXPOSED THE REST OF US TO STUPIDITY THAT WE NEVER WANTED TO HEAR ABOUT?!

Right now the protest is conspiring about just as much bologna as the Forum by arguing with them. They have provided foul behavior and misinformation just the same. The protest has come no closer to kicking Pacifica off campus then they were on day one, so why does it continue? The actions of both of these groups are so utterly demoralizing to our faith in human-kind that it’s making us sane people lump both Pacifica members and the protest members together into a collective group that we just call “the dummies.”

And if all of “the dummies” don’t shut up about all of this pretty soon, I’m going to have to start a protest against them.

Tomorrow: Protest Pop Quiz!

  1. Go private Ed says:

    Re: ASUO…. OUR UNIVERSITY AT WORK OF EDUCATION, “If this DC bozo is a rep for this group, I mean, she must eat out of garbage cans. I think the biggest reason for the protestor v Pacifica forum battle is more of a turf war. One side, those fucking PFers, homeless as shit, trying to maintain there bum/hobo territory. The other, about the closest group of people to homelessness that take classes, appear to be gaining ground”.

    How proud UofO must be of the excellence of education offered in Eugene.

  2. ASUO guy says:


    I was once a supporter or these old time ways, of free speech that is. It’s just, aren’t these people homeless? If this DC bozo is a rep for this group, I mean, she must eat out of garbage cans. I think the biggest reason for the protestor v Pacifica forum battle is more of a turf war. One side, those fucking PFers, homeless as shit, trying to maintain there bum/hobo territory. The other, about the closest group of people to homelessness that take classes, appear to be gaining ground. They now have 12 of the 87 dumpsters around campus in control. Hello half eaten tuna salad sandwich with diaper shit leaked all over it, vomit and used needles/condoms for a side salad, you are the prize and Cims is eating you for lunch.

  3. Evan P. Thomas says:

    Europa: blahblahblah biased blahblahblah cited to biased crazy people blahblahblah

    I’ll be honest. I stopped reading pretty quickly. You have fun in fantasy-land. I’ll stay back here on Earth. I pity you that you choose to live in a state of paranoia. I pity that the first website you posted was rense. Literally. Pity.

    Java: “Uh, Evan, a few posts up you told

  4. dc says:

    So I only got to skim the Senate meeting twit. (tweets?)

    Am understanding that a resolution passed against PF.
    What was the 13 hrs of disc-anybody know?

  5. Dane says:

    Due to the heavy amounts of comments on these blog posts, our spam and trash auto-filter as been having a hard time regulating comments. Indeed, when I read your comment about it being deleted, I checked our spam folder and found yours and 3 others that were put in there by our wordpress blocker.

    Additionally, repression of free speech rights only comes from arenas where the 1st Amendment applies, meaning public spaces. This is a privately run website, and technically, we can do whatever the fuck we want with your comments.

    You’ll notice we haven’t deleted any of your comments, even the one claiming we’re “censors”. Next time, maybe e-mail us first and ask us where it went–you know, have a civil conversation with us. Yelling at us in the comments thread is essentially like having you and twenty of your friends call each other to cover up someone’s speaking–childish. Next time, you may find that indeed, we aren’t aware of the situation.

    In the meantime, I’ve called a waaaambulance for you.

    It should arrive shortly.

  6. dc says:

    Something to chew over while I cook:

    I’m sure “Incredulous” will start quivering with fear.
    There WILL BE a quiz/ c’mon Incry, you can give 8 minutes
    toward broadening your world view, now can’t cha?

    Try setting your rose-tinted lenses aside for a short ride down into the spine of the “Anti Defamation League”. Think of it as an economic move– you may just decide to stop supporting them financially.

  7. Jeff says:

    I noticed my previous comment was erased. Wow, simply wow. You advocate for free speech and then censor you’re critics. I can’t help but notice that you’re hypocritical garbage is all over Breaking Bigotry’s site. Apparently the “anti free speech” people have more decency when it comes to others opinions. The point I was making earlier is not advocating legally kicking the PF off campus because we know that the law is useless in protecting racial minorities and advocating social justice. What I’m getting at is a direct community response to violent fascists as that is the only way social change can be stimulated. Argue over legality all you want from the safety of you’re computer screen. Meanwhile, we will do everything in our power to confront racism, fascism and any other form of bigotry, especially that which poses a violent threat to our community.

  8. dc says:

    Home now, but I’ve not yet read this thread in it’s entirety/ still need to go cook.

    I chose the ihr link because it is by Ingrid Weckert (sp), and it was her book that OE used when he did the Kristalnaught lectures.

    Did you guys even read it?

  9. Incredulous says:

    To ER – thanks for the additional link, which I also considered sharing with DC. Unfortunately, based on DC’s comments above, DC clearly believes that the Institute for Historical Review (a leading Holocaust-denial site) is the best place for information. No wonder Pacifica Forum is a perfect place for DC. Oh well, I tried.

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