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Sudsy Wants You to Join the Oregon Commentator

One if by Land, Two if by Tea

Sarah Palin gave a speech to a “tea party” a few days ago, one in which she said “America is ready for another revolution.” Palin’s comments, according to a Register-Guard article, were typically hilarious.

“We need a commander in chief not a professor of law.”

“Foreign policy can’t be managed through the politics of personality,” she said.

Which is exactly why the M.I.L.F decided to quit her job halfway through to join Fox News as a “pundit”. Oh, it gets better.

She assailed the $787 billion stimulus plan — “Did you feel very stimulated?” she asked

(Insert snarky sexual innuendo here)


All she offered was a smile when a moderator asking her questions used the phrase “President Palin.”

I also found the writer of the Register-Guard’s article, Liz Sidoti, to be a bit short-sighted in one comment where she explained for her readers what the “tea parties” are.

Palin gave the keynote address at the first national convention of the “tea party” coalition, an anti-establishment, grass-roots network motivated by anger over the growth of government, budget-busting spending and Obama’s policies.

Anti-establishment, grass-roots network? Hmm. Palin also delivered her cunning wit to go along with her perfect cheekbones.

Noting Democrats’ recent electoral losses just a year after Obama was elected on promises of hope and change, she asked: “How’s that hope-y, change-y stuff workin’ out for you?”

Obviously, it’s not going as well for Obama as it is for Palin. Well, unless you count this picture, which I took about 2 weeks after her book came out:

Probably the funniest thing I’d seen all year.

I’m glad Sarah Palin is still around. In all seriousness… I don’t take her serious in any way, shape or form. She’s a joke now, and she’ll be a joke in 10 years. Like kind of like Bob Dole. Or Mark McGrath.

Palin is coming to Eugene, for some unknown reason, in the month of April. Republicans are allowed to go, but seeing as how we hardly fit that bill, I rather doubt we’ll be able to get in. Well, that and if anyone reads this blog post (and I’m sure Newscorp has trolls that do such things) it probably puts us out of the running for a pass.

Damn. Looks like they’ll be having the revolution without us.

  1. AvgDude says:

    She’s a great foil for whoever the actual serious candidates will be in 2012. But there’s no way she’ll get the nomination after being on the losing ticket in 2012 and resigning her governorship early. That just isn’t going to cut it. Nominating her in 2012 will guarantee and Obama re-election and any sensible Republican knows it.

  2. Grivance says:

    Well look at it this way, at least Palin will be great for one thing and that’s selling media related materials like no other political person in any government office, well maybe outside of Bill Clinton. I mean you’ve already got porn with the title of Who’s Nailing Palin. I’m sure there will be calendar companies and other marketing & promotions people that will cash in on her idiocy, just like president bush.

  3. Antovich says:

    @ B:

    Way to stay anonymous; not sure who made fun of you today, but I hope that comment made you feel better…

  4. B says:

    What’s the difference between Sarah Palin’s mouth and Sarah Palin’s vagina?

    Only some of the things that come out of her vagina are retarded.

  5. Bystander says:

    A real Republican is coming to Eugene however. Former US Rep Jim Leach, now chair of the National Endowment for the Humanities, is going to e hosting a coffee klatch about sports in American culture at Cozmic Pizza this Friday.

  6. CJ says:

    Riiiight …. because it’s so much different when Obama uses a teleprompter to talk to schoolchildren. Keep drinkin’ that Kool-Aid everyone.

  7. PAlinHahahaha says:

    Sarah can’t even remember what her keepers are telling her to say.
    Dizzy broad has to write down ‘Lifting American’s spirits’ on her palm.

    The fact that you are rallying around her shows how bottom of the barrel the “conservatives” in this country are.

  8. JMB says:

    “Sarah Palin

  9. Mohamed Jemmali says:

    Revolutions always start w/college sts, not grumpy uneducated retired people.

  10. easy d says:

    what r the front runners?

  11. Dane says:

    We will be voting on our favorites tonight

  12. Organizing Director says:

    when will the winning ASUO slogan be announced?

    will there be an honorable mention, 2nd, & 3rd place prize too?

  13. Insider says:

    I should point out that the AP wrote that story, not the R-G. The R-G couldn’t afford to send a reporter to Springfield, let alone Nashville.

  14. Mohamed Jemmali says:

    Why shouldn’t a professor of law become President? Wage a war w/Iran while waging 2 other wars in the Middle East? Sarah Palin, like Bush, is ignorant and arrogant. I’m not criticizing GOP or women; just the new wave of bad stupid leaders that are rising from the GOP. I hope she becomes the GOP’s nominee for 2012. Obama would win by a record/historic margin. If you’re not happy w/the gov’t, then there’s something wrong w/our democracy and elections that put all these incompetent greedy representatives in DC. We need election reform that promotes a multi-party system (not a 2-corporate-party system) and eliminates corporate contributions. Until then, this is not a democracy.

  15. Mike Licht says:

    Sarah Palin’s Nashville speech was the most significant oration of the 21st century.


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