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Sudsy Wants You to Join the Oregon Commentator

Not to disappoint you but..

Was on KWVA to talk about OSPIRG and no one from the OSPIRG side showed up. Alex Tomchak Scott tried to get about 4 pro-OSPIRG people to come, and they either all canceled or couldn’t come. Lyzi Diamond showed up though.

In any case, it was fun because we talked about Tree Bomb and the EMU renovation. I alluded to the fact that “only the winning side decided to show up.”

Sorry, all.

  1. Oh, and I realized I factored Drew into my calculations where people who didn’t show up were concerned, and he canceled well in advance, so it was just three pro-OSPIRG guests; four if you count that I knew Jeremy Blanchard was unavailable without calling.

  2. Naw. Thanks for showing up anyway. Had a good time.

  3. Orev says:

    Next time, Zach? You don’t have I-fee funding from last year, you don’t have funding this year and you won’t have funding in the future. Your organization is DEAD.

  4. zstarmac says:

    Sorry I couldn’t make it Dane. Next time.

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