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ASUO Senate Recap

In what was a meeting that could have put any insomniac to sleep, the ASUO was able to get through more actual business than they have in recent weeks. 

  • UO Forensics received funding for their end of the year tournaments. 
  • HKSA received funding for their upcoming Hong Kong Appreciation night event. The menu looks fantastic by the way, I will be attending based on that fact alone. Tickets are $5 and can be purchased at the ASUO ticketing office. 
  • The Take Back The Tap resolution was passed and will be voted on by the rules committee next senate meeting. 
  • The EMU board came in to to have it’s budget passed. It will cost 4.8 million dollars next year of the ASUO’s budget to maintain the EMU this is up $225,000 from last year’s budget. 
  • Included in the EMU’s budget will be the Bike Loan Program which will receive permanent funding for the first time ever. If you are unfamiliar with the Bike Loan Program it is a program that allows students to rent bikes for a small fee, I believe it is a $60 deposit. Pretty much it’s a free bike for the term if you do not break it or lose it. Great program overall, if you don’t have bike next year I strongly urge you to take part in this program. 
  • PFC came in to present their spending model which was approved. The ASUO lowered the total budgets of the 110 programs by .81%. Fiscal conservatives rejoice! That means they will not have to have repeat PFC sessions to reevaluate budgets, AKA we still have a stripper pole line item. Which will be used in our eventual long term goal of sending a OC member to the Olympics

Overall it was a tame meeting. No out bursts, one silly hat, and a great job the PFC.

  1. Gsim says:

    I care Monica. Drew, none of the links work. They all have an extra “http://” attached in the hyperlink code/address. Remove one of the “http://” and they’ll work.

  2. Drew says:

    Damn Google Docs. DRINK?

  3. Monica says:

    Not that anyone else cares about this, but your Take Back the Tap link doesn’t work.

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