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Sudsy Wants You to Join the Oregon Commentator

UO Senate passes anti-Pacifica resolution, I yawn

Just received an email from the UO Senate President (not to be confused with the ASUO Senate, which is comprised of students) announcing the passing of an anti-Pacifica Forum resolution. In essence, here’s what it was all about.

The University Senate denounces in the strongest possible terms the hateful speech that is frequently expressed at the Pacifica Forum and deplores the pseudo-debates that Pacifica Forum portrays as serious intellectual inquiry, and the University Senate will publicize this stand widely throughout the University community.

Now that that’s out of the way, does anyone want to talk about how water bottles are bad? Or maybe about Duck athletes getting into trouble? I’m bored.

  1. dc says:

    @ The same ‘ole troll:
    I stand by all of my claims.

    None of “PF’s facts” have been dis-proven, nor has the truth of the j-lobby’s incite-the-students-campaign yet been examined.

    But whaddaya know, we’ve got some new players playin on the HateForcer$ team. And a couple of ’em have verrrrry-interesting connects…

  2. Java says:

    You can go to one of the meetings and see for yourself. They used to be at Agate Hall on the UO campus, but I don’t know where they meet now.

    They do have a website:

  3. sffsmess says:

    p.s. who the hell cares about the number of times someone went to the forum?

  4. sffsmess says:

    id like to know if any of pacificas facts were ever disproven? where can i find out more about this group? it sounds like they are making people uncomfortable.

  5. contra-dc says:

    dc said “I have attended nearly 300 Forums.
    And until FEB of 2010, Pacifica had not ever presented a Forum on the jewish holocaust.”

  6. Joe says:

    Just read the resolution and tripped over a reference to the ‘Southern Policy Law Center.’ (?) This wasn’t about Congress facing a 1000-page bill to fix Health Care and nobody reading it.

    Shame on the University Senate – eyes wide shut and fingers in their ears – for passing a resolution without even having the facts straight.

  7. Z says:

    What a great model of tolerance. A great lesson for students. Also there’s no Southern Policy Law Center — a great example of anti-intellectual emotionalism.

  8. Jay Knott says:

    First, thanks to the Commentator for allowing such a necessary debate. Max – my family were refugees from German bombing. I was raised with the idea that the other side was MUCH worse than ‘our’ side. Then I found out it wasn’t. The rabbi you mentioned supports the only significant racist tendency on ‘your’ campus today. The Pacifica Forum is trying to defend academic freedom against a campaign of lies by a group of racists and their ‘liberal’ supporters.

  9. dc says:

    Plus, when Jimmy saluted Rabbi Yitzak, they were at opposite ends of the room from one another.

  10. dc says:

    That Rabbi is one of the Hate-Forcers, by night.

    If you’d had to operate for years amidst his group’s malicious ops against your political discussion group, you mightta sieg heiled him too.

    And Marr never used the Seige Heil “to silence a crowd”.
    Go play a video game or something. (Note that I don’t suggest you do it off MY CAMPUS.)

  11. Max says:

    @ Jay Knott,

    Is that any better? By the sound of your name, you probably didn’t have any family members face the atrocities during WWII in nazi germany… My guess is that your thoughts on this issue would be different if you had. You are standing up for a group that just hosted a speaker who shouted out sig heil in order to silence a crowd, and threw up the hail hitler sign in the face of a rabbi. Check yo’ self.

    @ dc,

    See above, and go right ahead and continue to discuss war, peace, violence, with your forum. Just do it off my damn campus.

    word to yo mutha.

  12. dc says:


    I have attended nearly 300 Forums.

    We hosted Mark Weber ONCE (topic: Israel Lobby and US Foreign Policy), we hosted David Irving ONCE (topic: Political Imprisonment in Modern Europe). Though the Israel-Firsters blitzed the community with the hateful “denier”-word both times, “the Holocaust” was not either of their topics.

    And until FEB of 2010, Pacifica had not ever presented a Forum on the jewish holocaust.

    You smell like you’ve been drinking from the Hate-Forcers propaganda well.

    “FDB” suits you/ is an apropos signature.

  13. Jay Knott says:

    Max says ‘Consistently hosting speakers who deny that the Holocaust ever happened’. A typical slander against the Forum. Max does not present a shred of evidence. Look at this – – the speaker didn’t deny the Holocaust, he merely says it may have been exaggerated.

  14. Max says:

    discussing things like the Holocaust is completely acceptable… Consistently hosting speakers who deny that the Holocaust ever happened is not. The Forum has strayed away from what it was intended to be: a place for individuals to “provide information and points of view on war and peace, militarism and pacifism, violence and non-violence” and instead made a turn for the worse by continually hosting speakers who refuse to discuss both sides of an issue and insist on pushing their own, often prejudiced, views. Good riddance you FDBs.

  15. Jay Knott says:

    The Senate are for academic freedom and debate as long as they can decide what’s genuine and what’s pseudo-intellectual. The Center for the Study of Women in Society can still hold conferences on the significance of Hello Kitty, but Pacifica Forum is condemned for discussing anti-fascism, the Holocaust and the Frankfurt School.

  16. dc says:


    I wonder what Evidence they used in their ‘deliberation’.

    Testimonials, perhaps, from students that still think PF “targets” minorities and “condones rape”?

    Where can I find info on this bunch?

  17. franklin bains says:

    “denounces in the strongest possible terms”…


    Is there possibly anything less they could have done without a PR nightmare?

    Way to go, folks; pack it in, pack it out.

  18. Alex McCafferty says:

    And people say the ASUO Senate takes a long time to do things.

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