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Sudsy Wants You to Join the Oregon Commentator

OC Endorses McCafferty for ASUO President.

Here at the Oregon Commentator we had high hopes for our most recent ASUO executive ticket, but sadly the students of the University of Oregon do not want a more swashbuckling ASUO. With that being said, Alex McCafferty is the right choice for ASUO president.

McCafferty has experience within the ASUO, he served as  senate president two years ago and is currently the omsbudsperson for the ASUO. Alex and Alden’s campaign  platform  sets out specific goals that will increase oppurtunity while decreasing costs. By focusing on goals such as student parking, LTD contracts and athletic tickets McCafferty is clearly able to show that his platform will benefit students from every spectrum at the University of Oregon. McCafferty also is a staunch opponent of renewing OSPIRG’s contract with the ASUO.

McCafferty’s position on the ACFC in the last year shows that he is more than able to handle the budgetory process in a harsh economic climate. He was able to restructure a struggling ticketing  system while at the same time reducing the cost for students.

Rousseau and Arora have leadership ability and present  inspiring ideas to improve student life on campus. However their platform is more focused on internal problems with the UO as an institution. Also they are both  OSPIRG supporters.

McCafferty will be a president who works for every student. Vote McCafferty and Williams for president.

  1. dr. x says:

    “Increase opportunity while decreasing costs.” Yeah, right. I’d love to see how that’s done. What kinds of opportunities? Decreasing costs for whom? Somebody’s always gotta pay.

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