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Sudsy Wants You to Join the Oregon Commentator

Politic Fanboys at UO Rejoice!

When I arrived to the Oregon Commentator office this morning I could not help but wonder why our neighbors the University of Oregon College Democrats were playing “I’m So Excited” on loop at full volume. It became clear after looking in the Ol’ Dirty that their excitement was due to Oregon’s two  Democratic gubernatorial candidates will be debating in Lillis 182 tonight from 6:30 to 8:00. On top of that excitement, Ted Kulongoski will be at the Knight Law Center room 175 at 3:30 giving a lecture on responsible environmental practices.

ASUO president Emma Kallaway and Register Guard editorial will ask the candidates the questions during the debate. If you are not an elected student body president or editor you can submit questions via Yes,, at least they did not choose to have questions asked via chatroullette.  Here is the link to  the Oregon Commentator’s question submitted through Youtube.

  1. ellenm says:

    The music wasn’t me and I certainly would discourage obnoxious music in our office. I actually thought the Commentator was making a joke.

  2. Monica says:

    Wow. The man’s seizure was definitely not staged. As Bradbury was answering a question, the man (who we believe to be Dan Weiner, the elderly gentleman who is always on campus… you know, light tan jacket, beanie, cane?) started shaking violently and a DPS officer was trying to help him… this continued for a couple minutes until the officer said, “I’m sorry to interrupt, but is there a doctor in the house?” Kitzhaber sprinted down and stayed with him until paramedics took him out. Now I’m 98% I’m team Bradbury, but Kitzhaber totally has my respect for that.

    Ellen – in all honesty, you can hear just about anything on the third floor. Sometimes I can hear the Commentator talking… I’m sure they can hear some of our conversations, too. I can’t really hear Student Advocacy/Legal Services, but I’m sure they could hear you guys too.

  3. ellenm says:

    Whoops, didn’t know you could hear our sound system so well.

  4. nike urbanism duk says:

    The Kitz to the rescue stunt sounds like it was staged.

  5. Monica says:

    Kulongoski was at the Law School as well. Today was definitely a democratic smorgasbord of governorship… or vying-for-governorship, at least.

    Drew – I heard that music, too, and figured Ryan McCarrel was back to his old shenanigans… and he was, but apparently not the music-blaring kind.

    Unfortunately, the most interesting part of the debate tonight was when an elderly man in the audience had a seizure and Kitzhaber ran out to perform some EMT magic on him. It was kind of intense.

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  7. jeff says:

    You should have tagged the vid so we could have played it!

  8. NGA says:

    The video that pops up afterward is a good one too:

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