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Sudsy Wants You to Join the Oregon Commentator

No snarky commentary needed.

Alright, kids. Have fun with this one (emphasis added to maximize hilarity):

Eugene police arrested a woman Friday at the Pacifica Forum meeting on campus, while others were given citations after protesters deployed a stink bomb to disrupt the meeting.

. . .

The Emerald was unable to confirm how many protesters received citations on Friday. DPS spokesperson Sgt. Adam Lillengreen declined to comment, saying the report first had to be released at its scheduled time later today. Protesters who were given citations are not allowed back onto University property for 18 months.

. . .

Black Tea Society spokesperson Damage, who declined to give his legal name out of safety concerns, refused to give names of the other protesters who received citations. Damage also said he thought six Black Tea Society members were issued citations on Friday.

  1. tired of inability to post at ODE says:

    For Williams’ Post prompting above:

  2. tired of inability to post at ODE says:

    Michael Williams!

    You practically made me spew coffee all over my work computer!

    If the Hate Force (which “formed in response to Valdas’ lectures”) is “not a zionist group”, then why, initially, was every. single. negative. quote (mis)referencing PF, put forth by one of its zionist founders? Check the R-G archives, for starters.

    ANY time a stove-piped quote was ‘required’, there was either an Applebaum, a Weinerman, a Noparstak et. al., within arms reach, and full of ‘knowledge’ about the Pacifica Forum– regardless of whether or not they’d attended it! (Usually NOT) Oh and those radio shows, SOOOOO carefully crafted– yet so FULL of ‘error’. The City Club Act, the JCRC meeting at the Electric Station, the Panel at the ‘Wesley’ Center..etc,etc,etc the disinfo trumpeters were (unfortunately, sadly,) ALL– a part of the Israel-first network. It’s a matter of public record. It’s all archived. Even the mp3’s. Hang it up, Michael.

    And you know as well as I do, that the majority of the folks names your crew USED back then, as “members” of your budding Hate Force, had not EVER attended a single Pacifica Forum. (Some of you may be reading this: “hi”. )

    Even your CALC administrator told me it didn’t matter that he himself had not (then) attended PF: “michael williams’ word was good enough for him.” Others have since lied about their attendance (in public). This too has been duly noted.

    So you can try shape shifting all you want, out of this one, but that gem of a z-activist perception management campaign–you and your (zionist) crew put forth, is ALREADY written in stone.

    And this finite period of reckless mudslinging (and worse) IS the awfully icky force that Orval and PFers have responded to.

  3. Michael G. says:

    Releasing a stink bomb, common ingredients including hydrogen sulfide or ammonium sulfide, is not free speech. In fact, the chemicals can cause an allergic or asthmatic reaction. No, it’s not free speech… it is assault.

  4. Java says:

    Dear “justgothere,”

    Have you got about 24 hours? You need some serious updating. I don’t know where to start… There’s no teaparty person, and until I know who you mean by “they,” I can’t tell you whether “they” advocate anything.

    Love, Java

  5. justgothere says:

    Is that teaparty person saying they advocate genocide and totalitarianism?

  6. Jay Knott says:

    It was generous of the Commentator to publish dc’s post an hour before she wrote it – hopefully this makes up for the delays she has experienced previously.

  7. C.T. Behemoth says:

    I’m assuming dc is posting from an hour ahead in time since his/her initial posting was put up an hour before his/her marked time of 4:33pm?

    Anyway, read today in the Emerald that none of the Black Tea Baggies were/are even students.

  8. dc says:

    For what it’s worth, the little clan of wannabe anarchists were the lone protesters at this forum. Gillespie was next door in La-La Land, and even Pira Kelly (who has worked w/Michael Williams and his supremacist-superiors, since at least 2005) did not attend.

    Could it be that the “invasion of the incited” has drawn to a close and that those UO students who’d been drinking the Hate Forcer’s Tea, now realize they were used as pawns against the only Political Discussion Group around that responds in an upright manner to j-supremacist tactics?

    (If the Lobby dubs you “holocaust deniers” or neo-nazis for discussing Israeli apartheid, or zionist terror ops, you’re NOT “supposed to” respond to their over the top, incessant public distortions by inviting Mark Weber to speak on the “Israel Lobby and US Foreign Policy”, or David Irving on political imprisonment. If they call you racists, for exploring MLK’s links to communism (after many consecutive birthdays of honoring him,) then you must simply accept their echo-chambered proclamations, and await punishment–NOT travel down to a rally against ILLEGAL immigration and expect to report on that rally –even IF the date for that forum ‘happens’ to fall on December 11th: the 3-year anniversary of the infamous Hate-Forcer’s “CALC paid-signature ad”, whereby Michael Williams, Sally Sheklow, Hal Applebaum, Irwin Noparstak, Craig Weinerman, Paul Bessemer, a wife or 2, and a couple of Rabbi’s, classically escalated their traveling road show of half truth and outright slander and liable against Orval Etter and PF attendees who dared rock public perception of their hallowed ‘state’. )

    Consider the last few years of Pacifica meeting the ‘speech’ of the local jewish-activist groups, “with more speech”.

    Please release my this-afternoon’s post from moderation limbo.

    And thanks for the opportunity to offer a voice from the gallows.

  9. BTS says:

    Come on guys! Didn’t you get our communique? Thought ya’ll might get a laugh out of it. Anyways, here’s a copy. Enjoy! By the way, we <3 beer too.

    Fascism Stinks!

    To whom it may concern,

    We members of Eugene

  10. dc says:

    Having been present also, I would like to chime in on this topic– but since the Commentator holds my posts in “moderation limbo” as ‘it’ has done since the summer of 08, I’m not currently wanting to endure the frustration of following a blog that censors the posts of post-ers, simply because they champion the Pacifica Forum and view it as an absolutely valid entity on campus.

    Suggestion: It’s 4:33 on May 10th. Watch and see whether this post goes up in realtime, and if (when) NOT, consider how debilitating that lagtime is toward dialoguing issues regarding my political discussion group.

  11. Jay Knott says:

    I was there. The police were too violent. However, the protesters were attacking freedom of speech, not exercising it. The funny thing was, it wasn’t an extreme political meeting until protesters started trying to stop it. It was a movie of an interview with a professor called Kevin MacDonald, an evolutionary psychologist who studies Jewish Intellectual Movements. He has also studied ancient Sparta, and the overseas Chinese in Malaysia. Nobody accused him of being anti-Greek or anti-Chinese. Then he got to work on Jewish history, and suddenly everyone called him a Nazi. It was brave of Pacifica to put this movie on. Jimmy Marr did go on a bit at the beginning about immigration and the decline of the white race, but that’s freedom of speech. You can listen politely without agreeing.

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