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Sudsy Wants You to Join the Oregon Commentator

Something’s Happening

Some things have been going on during the last couple of months.

1. University of Oregon President Richard Lariviere released a white paper outlining his idea for a restructure of University funding and management. The proposal includes a $1.6 billion endowment for the university, a portion of which would be financed by state bonds. The legislature is not pleased, but it certainly has folks talking.

2. The UO got grilled hard by the Oregon Senate Business and Transportation Committee about the $227 million arena project, the process for which did not involve an open bidding process, as would most large scale university projects. The committee also tapped into the Bellotti Buyout. The essence of the Willamette Week article linked to above:

“The university does not inspire confidence,” says committee chairman Sen. Rick Metsger (D-Welches). “What you get from this project is either they don’t know what they’re doing or they don’t want the public to know. Neither is good.”

The process for building the arena is actually pretty convoluted and complicated, and many people are displeased with the progress.

3. The State of Oregon has a pretty unsustainable budget, to the tune of $563 million that will come in across the board cuts to all state entities. Including a $4.7 million cut to the University of Oregon.

4. The University Senate confirmed large-scale campus speech policy changes, with the addition of a Freedom of Inquiry Policy and Facilities Use Policy. This is a real victory for administrators, who wanted to deal with the Pacifica Forum issue but not be seen as only promoting certain kinds of speech or, y’know, violating the First Amendment. The new facilities use policy dictates that only university recognized groups — not individuals — can access space for free. “Non-university entities” can still have space, but they have to pay for it. You can read the Register-Guard’s opinion here.

5. The UO created an Office of Public Records to deal with public records requests as Lariviere tries to deal with the aftermath of the Mike Bellotti deal and an athletic program on the fringes of his reach. They’re hiring a public records officer, if you’re looking for a job.

6. Tuition is going up again. No, seriously.

7. Phil Knight’s private company, Phit LLC, wants to construct additional football facilities to the Len Casanova Athletic Center. But they want to do it in a way that sidesteps the public bidding process by having this private company lease the land from the university, construct on it, and then donate the finished project back to the University of Oregon. The state approves.

8. Jeremiah Masoli got kicked off the UO football team for getting pulled over with a suspended license and marijuana in his car after rolling a stop sign. Masoli was a good quarterback. He just keeps getting himself into trouble.

9. Colorado joined the Pac-10. Texas said no. People are concerned with the implications of where the university’s priorities lay. I just like the math and the excitement of it all. GO DUCKS!

And that brings us to today. Those were some things that happened.

  1. dr. x says:

    blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah
    no one cares anymore
    blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah

  2. OG OCfan says:

    Joining in the spirit of the first three comments: RABBLERABBLERABBLE!



  3. Bystander says:

    Many, perhaps a majority of the items on this newslist have an unnamed actor behind the scenes: Phil Knight. Seriously, the U of O has long been perceived by many people as a sort of wholely owned subsidiary of Phil Knight, and this percpetion is beinning to seem accurate.

  4. Jay Knott says:

    First of all, thanks, Commentator. I realise Lyzi’s article is only tangentially about Pacifica Forum, and hopefully others will write about the other important issues. But as y-all may have noticed, I’m obsessive, so here I go again…

    George’s post above is typical of the liberal approach which was so good against white racism here and abroad, and so hopeless against Zionism. Of course, he is right that the Pacifica Forum was attacked because it criticises Israel.

    But he manages to convey a deferential tone, apologizing for some of Pacifica’s speakers. Jewish supremacists can smell white guilt a mile away. The only way to hold them back, give the Palestinians a chance, and save our own blood and treasure, is to treat them with contempt. By all means have ‘extremist speakers’. Holocaust revisionism is ideal – not that it is true, but it really does involve standing up for freedom of speech. It exposes most of the left as friends of the Lobby and enemies of freedom. There is nothing like Pacifica Forum.

  5. george beres says:

    When The Commentator rightly says Pacifica Forum has gotten more attention than it should, the magazine ignores the question of why this has happened. It is because Zionist reactionaries

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