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Toilet Jokes Don’t Need A Translator

So those of you not aware, I’m currently in South Africa during the World Cup. A few days ago during the Germany-Argentina game, I went to watch the game on the beach, where they have Fan Parks set up. Basically, there are a bunch of beer tents and food vendors so you get wasted and watch the game with thousands of strangers. Anyway…

I was in line for the port-a-potties. There’s a German guy in front of me, and an Argentinian behind me. We’re standing there watching the shitters when a guy stumbles out and stops. He’s standing there trying to pull his pants up, but the port-a-potty door keeps smacking him in the face, therefore preventing him from rectifying his pantaloons. This goes on for about a minute when the German guy turns to me and says, “braucht er wischte sich die esel?” and I respond, “I think he’s got shit in his head.” and immediately after the Argentinian laughs. The German and I turn to hear him say, “¡Qué culo!” and all three of us laugh and point at the man, who quickly walks away.

Let’s just say none of us spoke the others language, but when it comes to mocking others…

Insults need no translation.

  1. Java says:

    With mustard, please.

    Vaht dit you zink uf zeh feinels?

  2. Java says:

    Right. Sort of . You can take those nouns, declensions, and verbs as they’re conjugated and come up with a variety of nonsentences.

    I insultsten guesses tranlation DO needing.

  3. Someone who speaks German says:

    Umm… Aside from the mangled syntax that looks suspiciously like it came from Google Translate, “Esel” means “donkey.” (And it’s masculine, so “der Esel.”) I doubt very much if the German guy asked you if the man “needs to wipe the donkey.”

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