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Housing and Facebook

The Ol’ Dirty is reporting today that, similar to 2008-09, the UO has let in more freshmen than they have room for in housing. This time, instead of sending them across the river to live in Stadium Park, the UO admin has another plan:

Students are first notified that there isn’t enough room within University Housing. Then, they are invited via Facebook to join a specially created group called “UO Apartment/Roommate Connection.”

“Only the people we’ve identified who have registered for housing can join,” Shang said.

The University is also now affiliated with the new Courtside Apartments through Property Management Concepts, much like how the University entered an affiliation with Stadium Park Apartments in 2008-09 to help house incoming University freshmen.

It is impossible to look at this spike in enrollment outside of the state’s budget woes, and subsequently the University’s budget woes. Although the decisions on how many incoming students to enroll includes a multitude of factors, the bottom line is more students (particularly out of state students) = more money for the UO, and more leverage for further changes of University funding policy. (This includes Lariviere’s white paper, or other proposals.)

The whole Facebook thing is interesting, too. WOO SOCIAL MEDIA, and all that. I guess everyone has a Facebook now, especially young people, so it seems appropriate. And if you’re looking to create a networking community . . . I think the UO could probably set something up independently of Facebook, but there’s no guarantee kids will use it. Anyway, that’s not really the important part. I wonder who on Facebook invites these freshmen to this group. I hope it’s Richard Lariviere.

Finally, Kat includes some interesting facts at the end of her story:

The residence halls have the capacity to hold about 3,700 students, 3,000 of which are freshmen. The University intentionally limited freshmen enrollment to 3,765 in 2009, but in 2008, freshmen enrollment was at a record high of 4,205, which put further stress on University Housing and led to the Stadium Park agreement.

P.S. Where is Amelie’s Housing Advocate Amanda Hilts on this issue? Isn’t this, like, her job?

  1. Conrad Hulen says:

    Thank you for the update Lyzi. I just wanted to clarify that I should take any recommendations that might be directed toward Ms. Hilts. The housing advocate position is new and does not commence until September. If anyone has any input on the topic please email me at

  2. Kai Jones says:

    What about people who don’t use facebook because of privacy concerns?

    I think it’s a horrible mistake for a public entity to require use of one particular private resource. This is unethical, to privilege facebook this way. There was no open competition for this use, no bidding process or proposals we could review.

  3. nike urbanism duk says:

    How come ? Because PK wanted a public private branded legacy wellness neighborhood (new Nike Fairmount) to advertise his religion for the next century. UO Foundation made it happen. Want downtown dorms ? Shutdown the corporate governance racket that the foundation enables at UO. Now autonomy for greater “flexibility” ? Flexibility to do what…..redevelop Glenwood ? UO could have been forced UO to buy land the downtown with the 17 million from the Westmoreland Housing sale.

  4. Andrew says:

    Say it with me- DOWNTOWN HOUSING. LCC got the pit for free- how come UO hasn’t been on that with a private/public partnership with a developer. They could contract with a private developer, get some city incentives and steer non dorm residents to live there. It would be win/win for everyone- more college student housing, increased downtown economic activity, and guaranteed tenants for developers.

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