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Sudsy Wants You to Join the Oregon Commentator

UO Matters suddenly, inexplicably optimistic.

This was just posted on UO Matters under the headline “Every now and then”:

8/11/2010: there is a sign that UO is moving towards being a real institution for the public good, with decisions made in the open, on the basis of joint goals and a shared mission. We are still a long way off, but I think the direction is good.

Of what is this a propos? I certainly don’t have the answers. If you do, let us know.

  1. No More Bookmark says:

    This post marks the last time I will read this blog. I need more posts about boozin’ and snoozin’ to interest me.

  2. UO Matters says:

    Nice try, but make your own public records requests, dude.

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