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Sudsy Wants You to Join the Oregon Commentator

Pig sex, perspective buffets, and so much pressure. News digest Oct. 12, 2010

Public affairs news:

  • Hey, it’s the last day to register to vote in Oregon during the coming midterm election. This can be done online here. The Democratic process — something everyone says you will totally regret not participating in if you don’t. In my experience, it’s a bit like the sex lives of the characters in Fast Times at Ridgemont High: Ultimately unsatisfying and filled with heartbreak and unintended, horrible consequences, but I’m fairly sure that’s just life. Also, Spicoli is totally involved. If you do it, the ASUO will totally be your friend (Oregon Daily Emerald, Register-Guard).
  • The Oregon University System’s budget fell by about an eighth this year. Frances Dyke, the UO’s extremely popular VP for Finance and Administration, says this will not increase tuition this year, although no mention is made of what effect it will have next year. I have to give credit to the Dirty’s higher education reporter Stefan Verbano (Emerald article here). Maybe he and I are both missing something, but this seems like a pretty important story and he got to it before the Oregonian or the Guard, neither of which has written about it yet.  The only other coverage I could find came from Portland Business Journal. Stefan’s article itself is somewhat opaque, but it hits most of the right points, and it’s hard to be polished when you have two articles due on the same day as a student journalist. Also, he managed to interview Frances Dyke, which is the opposite of easy. I’ve known ex-Dirty higher-ed reporters who’ve never had the pleasure, even ones who still have no idea who she is.
  • The Eugene Police have stepped up efforts to thwart partiers on weekends, and they are extremely busy. The Guard’s Ed Russo takes tentative steps in the direction of analyzing the causes of the Sept. 24 Large, Spontaneous Gathering of Young People Involving Vandalism and Tear Gas. He wonders about residential density. EPD officers blame texting. If you are a minor who wants to party on weekends, you can read this article with an eye to not getting in trouble with the police. (Register-Guard article here). Meanwhile, City Council member Alan Zelenka tries to sound like he’s scolding the UO for rowdy parties while simultaneously saying exactly what the UO wants him to say. (Register-Guard article here)
  • Monday was National Coming Out Day. Events have been held, and will continue to be, by the campus community. (Oregon Daily Emerald)
  • A Eugene couple remembers former UO biology student Linda Norgrove, recently killed by her erstwhile rescuers while being held captive in Afghanistan. (Register-Guard article here)
  • The governor’s race is extremely close, and the Emerald’s Ian Geronimo, and many of his sources, wonder why there won’t be another debate and what the difference is between the two, something Rockne Roll asks in the forthcoming Commentator. For some reason, connected to an article I read too long ago to remember and can no longer find, I’m skeptical of the poll he cites, but that is what it is. (Oregon Daily Emerald)



  • Today’s Ducks sports: Third day of Oregon Golf vs. the Hated World at “The Prestige” in Southern California.
  • Oregon Golf seventh in the prestige in dizzying procession of numbers. (Oregon Daily Emerald)
  • The Emerald’s Robert Husseman says the rest of Oregon Football’s season will be characterized by SO. MUCH. PRESSURE. (Oregon Daily Emerald)
  • Maybe it’s good that Oregon Football gets a break from football after the game against the Hated Cougars. (Oregon Daily Emerald)
  • Oregon Volleyball not exactly the Muhammad Ali of volleyball, but everyone seems optimistic anyway. (Oregon Daily Emerald)
  1. Betz says:

    SO now we finally have an answer to “Who watches the watchmen”…

  2. Lyzi says:

    Optimism FTW.

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