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Sudsy Wants You to Join the Oregon Commentator

Silver foxes, Rousseau* mourned, guns made of cars. News digest Oct. 21, 2010

Public affairs:

  • Political money: UO Matters examines who UO employees are backing with their wallets.
  • Lung news: An outside organization is throwing $800,000 at stopping UO students from smoking. That’s in the next blog post down from this.
  • Rallies: The president visited Oregon to try to massage the electability out of health care–loving silver fox John Kitzhaber. The Emerald reports that cute children were present. The Register-Guard says Kitzhaber was happy about it, and also that Obama said he is both a Ducks fan and a Beavers fan. The Oregonian brings a clearer sense of context, and also talks to someone who works for job-promising center Chris Dudley.
  • Product bans: A campus group is trying to stop the UO selling bottled water on campus. (Register-Guard)
  • ASUO: Ben Eckstein is trying to get people to vote. (Emerald)
  • Luxury berries: Unfortunately for stupid people with lots of money, the acai cherry does not cure cancer. (Emerald)
  • Honesty news: The Oregonian rules that Chuck RileyBruce Starr didn’t break the law when he accepted a free trip to Hawai’i from a lobbying group because it wasn’t the law yet.




  • Emerald sports-hack Robert Husseman wants teams in the Pac-12 to play eleven conference games. I realize, reading how worked up Husseman is over this issue, how snide he gets, that I will never care about football.
  • Former Oregon football quarterback Jeremiah Masoli still wants your love. (Portland Tribune)
  • Oregon football does not want to lose today. Rather, it wants to win. (Emerald)
  • Oregon Football kicker Rob Beard never played soccer, and ends interviews with an ominous “so...” (Emerald)
  • Here’s a back-and-forth between Emerald sports-hack-in-chief Lucas Clark and Daily Bruin sports-hack Ryan Eshoff. Warning: there is a pun. (Emerald)
  • Alarming medical news: Oregon football player “Marvin (Johnson) will play with both legs hanging by the skin. And he has.” Starting to see what Andy Drukarev was saying about the dangers of college football. (Emerald)
  • Darron Thomas is a good player, but then again, Hated Bruins free safety Rahim Moore is also good. (Emerald)
  • Mixed metaphors (automotive with gunnery): “But unfortunately for the (Hated) Bruins, the pistol hasn’t exactly been firing on all cylinders.”** (Emerald)
  • Oregon Basketball (M) players are not trashing their coach publicly. (Emerald)
  • Clark pen-sketches some Oregon Basketball (M) players. (Emerald)

* Jean-Jacques Rousseau.

** Drukarev could be talking about this.

  1. Andrew says:

    Alex- Do you think you would have the same attitude towards “soccer” if you lived in Europe and had to deal with their sports hack media coverage on a daily basis?

  2. Steve Toyota says:

    You may want to correct the Chuck Riley story. It was Bruce Starr that went on the trip. Chuck Riley is Starr’s opponent and is the one using it as a club against him.

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