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Sudsy Wants You to Join the Oregon Commentator

Embarrassment continued. Media digest, Nov. 9, 2010

Public affairs:

  • Red-face: The University of Washington sport-czar Scott Woodward apologized for calling UO academics “an embarrassment.” The basic idea, though, is something with which most people seem to agree: that the UO’s quest for sporting greatness, and the Xbox-equipped lockers that requires, is in jarring contrast to an academic side where professors are paid five figures less than those at the schools with which the UO claims to rub shoulders. (Oregonian, Seattle Times, Associated Press, AOL) An Oregonian blogger wonders if Nike, which clothes Woodward’s teams, will come down on him hard.
  • Car money: The UO makes a killing on some parking spots it’s renting. (UO Matters)
  • Land & money: Here’s a run-down of some of the building projects the UO’s undertaking. (Emerald)
  • ASUO: Some ASUO senators don’t like the idea of banning bottled water. (Emerald)
  • Strutting: A couple of jurnos who have been embedded in Afghanistan got a chance to spin their yarns Monday night. (Emerald)
  • Archeology: Opponents of the Riverfront development want people to join them at the UO’s next planning meeting to oppose the development. (Weekly)



  • With Oregon Football fingertip-of-choice Nate Costa absent, who does the UO have in the way of backup quarterbacks? (Emerald)
  • Oregon Football scampering gong-tempter LaMichael James is on the cover of this week’s Sports Illustrated. (KVAL)
  • Emerald sports-lizard Robert Husseman takes us inside the post-match environment for journalists at Autzen Stadium.
  • Oregon Soccer missed out on its tournament after defeats to Northern California schools. The OS season is now over. (Emerald)
  • Oregon Golf is fifth in the tournament it’s currently at. (Emerald)
  1. Steve Toyota says:

    Who said anything about “those students”? I’m talking about the administration, and going over the will of those in the Fairmount neighborhood who (quite frankly) deserve to move their butts to the bluffs of South Eugene.

    If Income Redistribution is good enough for the world, why not area redistribution?

  2. Joe Huffy says:

    Mr. Toyota, perhaps those students should remember that this isn’t California and most of the people don’t want more and more big expanses of dead pavement. Maybe those driving students should get over themselves and drive to the Park & Ride.

  3. Steve Toyota says:

    I’m still interested in how Anstett (the former Gilbert) Hall is gonna look once the renovation and expansion finishes up.

    My question, though, why has no one thought about buy up more homes in the Fairmount neighborhood and putting up parking lots for the drivers?

    Sure, Zach Vishanoff won’t be happy with it, but the driving students of the U deserve more places to park. Even if they’re far away.

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