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Sudsy Wants You to Join the Oregon Commentator

Big metal boxes. Nov. 16, 2010

Unfortunately, today’s collection of links has little to offer beyond a tribute to my good friend Ian Geronimo’s Emerald career so understated (in true Geronimo style) even I would have missed it if I hadn’t mentioned it in this paragraph. I’ve also learned where I might try parking, watched  the Guard’s associate editor missing the fairly obvious, and examined a Guard reporter’s actually-quite-understandable fixation with an Oregon Volleyball player’s teeth. It’s all below the fold. Note: I’m going to try scheduling these for 7 a.m. every day. Let me know if you would prefer a different time.

Public affairs:

  • Cars: The UO will rent out a lot from the PeaceHealth Medical Group (map) for fall term to compensate for spaces lost to construction. (Emerald)
  • Verdegris: Just how verdant is the UO? Does the word-string “The University aims to reduce GHG emissions to 66,600 MTCO2e by 2020. This rate would be 10 percent below the 1990 baseline level of 74,000 MTCO2e.” mean anything to you? Yeah, me neither. It’s about carbon emissions, but I’m not sure really what it means or to what I ought compare it. The questions that seem most pressing aren’t addressed: What will the UO do about the emissions out-of-state students generate to get here? How will it address the “endowment transparency,” the category in which the UO receives a “D,” which brings it down from an “A” overall? I had to ask a year ago when I wrote about the Green Report Card for the Emerald why that’s factored in. Turns out it is because an opaque endowment could be bankrolled by Big Oil or Big Coal or Big Creating-Acid-Rain-Just-for-the-Hell-of-It-at-This-Point for all anyone knows. Lyzi also points out that the article doesn’t mention the new “sustainability coordinator” position either, but why inject something ASUO-related into this? (Emerald)
  • Handbags: There are some between ASUO ill-defined-yet-threatening careerist Chris Bocchicchio and ASUO forced march specialist Ben Eckstein, likely the Anderssen’s Opening* to another match in the blindfolded chess of ASUO elections. (Emerald)
  • Riverfront: There’s an article in the Emerald following up on the Riverfront resolution and the opposition to the ORI construction. It doesn’t really contain anything that hasn’t already been written, but it is the first article by the Emerald’s new reporter, Darin Moriki, who has been hired, presumably, to attempt replacing my good friend Ian Geronimo. Facebook creeping-reveals that he is from broadly the same town as I am, so I assume he is the bee’s knees. (Emerald)
  • Media: UO Matters’ author is embarking on some research, so his “posting will be light.” (Emerald)


  • The Emerald’s JoAnna Wendel is excited about a new program meant to teach non-science students about science (I think that’s what it is). (Emerald)
  • Letters: One killjoy tells the Guard he’s upset about UO fans being drunk and says he’s upset about the UO using public money however it damn pleases.
  • Editorials: The Guard talks about a First Amendment case from Arizona without really addressing it and is puzzled by how dangerous it is biking in Portland, relative to driving. “[B]icyclists face more hazards in their daily commute, yet the rate of injury seems puzzlingly high … bicyclists are 12 times more likely to be seriously injured in a crash than auto commuters.” Might that be because of the big metal box, to use Lyzi’s terminology, around the auto commuters?
  • Emerald sub-columnist Luisa Anderson describes a roommate relationship between a quiet student with limited English from China and a young American man who often stays out all weekend, sometimes waking up under a bridge. Surprisingly, it is the latter who moves into an upstairs bedroom to escape the former, evidently offended by his roommate’s objections to the constant company of friends. (Emerald blogs)
  • The Oregon Voice’s Kari Koznek is angry at Andrew Hitz’s anti-armpit hair stance. (OV)
  • It’s old, but I missed this column about Scott Woodward’s comments over the weekend, and it’s worth reading.


  • Oregon Volleyball: player Heather Meyers is the “most fun to watch” of all the players in the OV team, the coach says. At first I thought the writer here was fixating weirdly on her smile, but then I looked for a picture and I have to say I get it. Puzzling quote: “There’s nobody I enjoy watching play volleyball more. Her serve. Her wrist. She’s obviously good, and I don’t want to take away from that, but as an athlete, she’s just fun to watch.” (Register-Guard)
  • Oregon Football: is selling Rose Bowl and/or Big One tickets already (KEZI, KMTR); klaxon-voiced gill net Cliff Harris gets another gong (Register-Guard).
  • Oregon Club Running: (W) finished second in its national championship, while (M) finished 10th (Emerald)
  • Oregon Club Tennis: made nats (Emerald)
  • Emerald sports-lizard Robert Husseman allows William Shakespeare to pass judgment on Oregon Basketball (W) (Emerald). And here’s an Emerald roundup.

* For the record, Michelle Haley played the Amar Opening and Alex McCafferty played the king’s pawn.

  1. Vball Fan says:

    Heather Myers is the most fun to watch because she is a fox

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