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Sudsy Wants You to Join the Oregon Commentator

Money be green. Media digest Nov. 17, 2010

Today there was a bomb scare, but I want us all to put that behind us, OK? But we should all enjoy an interview with Oregon Football klaxon-voiced gill net Cliff Harris, who is one of the few people of interest to the Eugene media who is unafraid of saying the truth as he sees it. He went to Oregon because he likes green, because “money be green.” That’s fair, in my book. Also, buildings are on the mind today. The pesky “Made in Oregon” sign is changing, and the floor of the Matthew Knight Arena inspires an article worth reading for the first time.

Public affairs:

  • Enrollment: It includes more students of color, and an increase in its numbers is stretching internet resources on campus. Good on Verbano for finding non-boring angles on this story, unlike the Guard. I’m counting this as a half-scoop on the Guard, meaning Stefan Verbano has five now (interviewing Randy Geller counts as one-and-a-half). (Emerald)
  • Marquees: The “Made in Oregon” sign atop the UO’s Portland campus became the “Port Oregon” sign yesterday, and today it will become the “Portland Oregon” sign (links in parentheses). Don’t remember when a Portland commissioner seemingly attempted to use opposition to the UO’s designs for the sign as a springboard to Salem? Probably for the best. (KOIN, Oregonian, both with scintillating footage of letters being put up; KVAL with photos)
  • The Struggle: UO Matters highlights a new study that found unionization “greatly increases faculty influence,” which is relevant because there are currently efforts underway to unionize the UO faculty. The faculty member running the blog may be “no economist,” but I’m certainly not one, so don’t ask me to read the paper it comes from or understand the graph in the UO Matters post. We’ll trust them for now. (UO Matters)
  • Software fumbles*: The UO pretended to release tickets to the Oregon Football-Hated Wildcats matchup on Monday, six days ahead of schedule and evidently by mistake. Some people got bummed. This article is notable for one of the best headlines I’ve seen on an Emerald article. (Emerald)
  • Biz: The Emerald’s got an article about a new “pop-up store” in Eugene, but I can only guess what a “pop-up store” is. (Emerald)
  • ASUO: Likely won’t give the debate team too much more money. (Emerald)
  • Bomb threat (Emerald)
  • SCENE: What bands does Voice editor Noah DeWitt think are the cherriest? (Oregon Voice) Ethos thinks one band that came to Eugene recently is cherry-ish, and that Crispin Glover is uber-cherry, but that Kid Cudi’s new album is non-cherry (Ethos).


  • The Emerald’s sometime-columnist Bruce Poinsette tries to find out just how cool prison isn’t. (Emerald)
  • Letters: Schools are on Guard readers’ minds. Schools and national politics.
  • Want to read while Emerald columnist JoAnna Wendel nerds out to caves? Go here for that. (Emerald blogs).
  • Editorials: The Guard endorses the Bonneville Power Administration’s rate increase (me either) and says John Kitzhaber is a better governor for Oregon than Rick Perry.
  • City councilor-elect Pat Farr endorses the merger of the Eugene and Springfield fire departments. (Guard)
  • The UO’s spokesperson Julie Brown blogs about a UO program in the Oregonian.
  • A Eugene activist tells us that homelessness is a more complicated problem than we may have realized (Register-Guard).**
  • The Oregon Football-Hated Beavs game is being harnessed to fight hunger as well as blood loss, according to this PR piece and somewhat amateurish vid. (KVAL)
  • Reasons the UO thinks you should give it money today: Pesky classes have been hindering Korrin B.’s efforts to work on her thesis, but she finally went grocery shopping and ate a salad. (UO online begging bowl)
  • I feel writing anything about my employer would be unwise, so I’ll keep my hands well away from the Emerald’s “Shallot” concerning it.
  • Dear Matt Tellam: Politics is not sports. Journalism exists to dispel bullshit, not to multiply it.


  • Most entertaining UO-related story in the media this week: Emerald freelancer Jackson Long’s interview with klaxon-voiced gill net Cliff Harris, easily. Inevitably, people who are as outspoken as Harris get flattened by the voracious media beast at some point; fortunately, Harris’ talent has nothing to do with what he says to the media. As plenty of Italian soccer players have found out, even if you’re a registered fascist, it doesn’t matter if you can play football, and Harris is no fascist, just a guy who is unafraid to speak his mind. “I needed to get out of Cali,” he says. “I didn’t want to be no Trojan or no Bruin, but this is close to home still. I love green because money be green.” (Emerald)
  • Oregon Football: has opponents who appear to feign injury to slow down its offense, but officials are unlikely to do anything about it (Guard); scampering gong-tempter LaMichael James, soft-handed giant David Paulson, charging wall Carson York are all decent students (KEZI, KVAL, Guard); James might get another award too (Mail-Tribune); made a charitable appearance at a home for people with disabilities Tuesday (KEZI); has fans in Southern Oregon too (KEZI); fans in Eugene have high expectations (KEZI).
  • Oregon Volleyball: will play its last game at McArthur Court and the emotions are almost too much for some, but the coaches say the recruiting class is decent (Emerald)
  • Oregon Basketball (M): ex-player Fred Jones has signed for a Chinese team (Lost Lettermen)
  • The East Oregonian’s Matt Entrup has an actually-very-fascinating column about the design of the floor in the Matt Knight Arena, underlining if nothing else the degree of sycophancy toward Pat Kilkenny in its design (“Graphic 3 symbolizes the beach and sunset of San Diego, where he became a highly successful entrepreneur and still resides today”). The money quote by Pat Kilkenny, one which may in itself symbolize our era at the University of Oregon (if “I love green because money be green” doesn’t): “I’m sure it’s like everything we do at Oregon. There will be a lot of controversy in a positive way. It’s just people love to debate these things. It’s like fashion. It’s like politics. There’s no absolutes.” (East Oregonian)
  • The Guard’s George Schroeder goes into greater detail about the aforementioned charitable OF appearance. (Register-Guard).
  • Emerald sports-whippet Patrick Malee says the fact that OF looked not-too-convincing against the Hated Golden Bears isn’t the end of the world. After all, the Hated Gators, Hated Tide and Hated Tigers did it. (Emerald)
  • This story is probably about ice hockey, but I can’t entirely tell from the version on the Emerald’s website. Maybe it’s curling. I really hope it’s about curling.

* This is a pun.

** Missed this one yesterday because it wasn’t up on the Guard’s site by the time I went to bed.

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    I credit the “software fumbles” being RT’d by Ken Goe almost 100% with the headline. I do believe Kocker wrote that one.

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