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Sudsy Wants You to Join the Oregon Commentator

Lead!!!??? Media digest. Nov. 29, 2010.

This week it’s back. Maybe I’ll even post about the new Insurgent today.

Public affairs:

  • Scaffolds: The UO is thinking new architecture building, maybe a retrofitted Mac Court. (Emerald)
  • Career trapeze: UO assistant dean Larry Singell has a tempting offer from Indiana University, courtesy of UO Matters.
  • Verdegris gone mad: There is lead in (some) reusable grocery bags? What the fuck? (Emerald)
  • Holding: In Oregon, we do not pump our own gas, and that surprises some sometimes (Emerald).
  • ASUO: Read about the swirling tornado of yawns known as Robert’s Rules of Order, and its potential effect on OSPIRG … if you dare. (Emerald)
  • Shock: Mosque-arson? Some would say not the most encouraging thing for UO Muslim students. (KEZI)
  • Events: Elton John will be playing the new Oregon Basketball mosque Feb. 17 (Register-Guard, Voice). There will be a screening by a local filmmaker on Thursday (Voice).
  • Prestige: A UO graduate is a Marshall scholar. (Oregonian)
  • Prestige-ishness. A UO alumnus is now the CEO of MySpace. Unimpressed? Are you the CEO of MySpace? (Pulse2, TMW)


  • The Guard’s Bob Welch can usually be relied upon in moments of truth to be insightful, rather than smarmy. The Mohamud non-bombing is one such.
  • The Emerald’s JoAnna Wendel wants to learn about particles, no matter how many universes it is unlikely to destroy, and believes bite-sized science fragments are an impediment.
  • Letters: A football rabid wants volunteerism to squeeze out a viable ticket system and doesn’t sound entirely insane in the Emerald. Some dude is offended in the Emerald by the UO mascot’s wearing a Santa Claus outfit at the Hated Wildcats game (snooze). Pro-tree, anti–casual-and-nothing-more praise, pro–Civic Stadium, anti-terrorism letters in the Guard today.
  • Editorials: The Guard doesn’t really seem to take a strong stance about the Mohamud incident until it’s all like, “Hey, maybe forfeit your civil liberties?”  It also lauds Obama’s federal employee pay freezes.
  • Former U.S. Sen. Wayne Morse’s biographer is a bit of a fan, some would say, of former U.S. Sen. Wayne Morse. (Guard)
  • Some blogger’s pretty stoked on UO Prof. Kyu Ho Youm’s Twitter account.


  • Oregon Football: crasher-in-the-periphery D.J. Davis is actually quite good, you know (Emerald); is up for a bunch of awards, but its scampering gong-tempter LaMichael James is dazed and nobody’s talking about it (Emerald); will face the Hated Beavs in a game that now matters a bunch, but didn’t always (Register-Guard); isn’t really too bothered with the Paeas of this world, really (Register-Guard)
  • Clobbering: UO and Hated Beavers U students will do plenty of that to one another this week (Emerald).
  • The Emerald’s Robert Husseman throws a few obscure-ish references at us and then speculates OF prophet Chip Kelly might one day lose His job.
  1. Drew says:

    No Insurgent! C’mon you cant tease me when Im bored at work like this.

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