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Sudsy Wants You to Join the Oregon Commentator

Moore turns philosophical. Media digest, Dec. 2, 2010

Public affairs:

  • The esoteric and alien to me: The UO Senate passed Wednesday a policy that would increase the influence and powers of retired professors still on the payroll. I know nothing of the context or importance of this move. There is also little information thus far about the discussion with the UO Foundation at the meeting, although UOMatters seemed pretty upset about it in advance this morning. (Emerald)
  • Small tyrannies: It’s probably too late to save the UO Post Office, but people are making noise about it (Emerald, KEZI).
  • Jackboots: DPS cracked down on Oregon Football knockoff products when the Hated Wildcats were in town. (DPS)
  • Fluff, upper lip variety: UO cheese Richard Lariviere sheared off the mustache he had going on to promote prostate cancer awareness Wednesday, commemorating the end of “Movember.” It was a sloping boxcar, surprisingly populist but also definitively white-collar, like something you might see on a gravel-voiced Harlem politician, or perhaps some veteran constable who makes sturdy furniture on the weekends and commands the respect of the squadron’s swinging dicks even though he rides a desk these days (KEZI, Emerald, KVAL).
  • MC Hammer tributes: The ASUO Senate blew through $75,000 in one night. One assumes it’ll wake up next day, its mouth tasting of crystal ashtray filled with the ash of $300 cigars and the charred strips of $100 bills, its clothes emanating the yeasty musk of spilled Dom Perignon, its wrists raw from the impact of a thousand rubber nightclub stamps. (Emerald)
  • Fluff, vomit-soaked: The Emerald speculates on what might ease a hangover. Fluff, bleeding obvious: Emerald says cure for stress is fun. Fluff, brown and wet: There are coffee shops aside from Roma and campus Starbucks, evidently. (Emerald)


  • The Emerald’s Tyree Harris jokes with us about Facebook.
  • Letters: Those writing to the Guard agonize over school planning and adoption, and one guy wants Autzen patrons required to donate to food banks.
  • Editorials: The Guard wants people to quit complaining about requests for a recount, and it shrugs its shoulders at the way TARP turned out.
  • Bob Welch wants you to understand cops a bit, why not?
  • “Why is it the general population only cares about invasive airport security when it expands beyond Muslims and Arabs?”* the Arab Student Union’s co-director asks. It’s a similar point to one I criticized Matt Tellam for yesterday, but Kehdi takes it in the sensible direction: “Invasive airport security is bad, why didn’t you recognize this, as we have all along?”* rather than using the degrading consequences of invasive airport security to somehow justify more invasive airport security.


  • Oregon Football: winning ought at the Hated Beavers’ expense would upset Hated Beavers fans (Oregonian)
  • Oregon Basketball (M): just started discovering hair in places hair didn’t used to be; it’s really hungry all of a sudden and it has these feelings it never used to have; sometimes it’s a little moody; it can barely get along with its mom, Dana Altman, sometimes, and they both cry sometimes for no reason. But Altman hopes OB(M) can use this hard time to make something of itself one day. (Emerald)
  • Oregon Volleyball: is hulking out at the cruelty of the volleyball gods. “The slight caused Oregon coach Jim Moore to turn philosophical[:] ‘Basically the definition of an injustice is that the victim is somebody who was done wrong and they don’t deserve what they got.'” (Emerald)
  • Oregon Cross Country: star Jordan Hasay is the best women’s country-crosser in the land, Larry Scott claims. What can be his intention? She has one of those grade-point averages that may be technically impossible.(Emerald)
  • The Oregonian‘s John Canzano reckons OF prophet Chip Kelly might be too good for college gridiron.
  • Emerald sports-honcho Lucas Clark is having a good time.
* Paraphrase

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