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Sudsy Wants You to Join the Oregon Commentator

Places to Study- Not the ODE Version

Being as it’s dead week, the ODE was kind enough to share its reporters’ opinions on where to study. Of course, there are other noteworthy coffee shops (Full City and Vero for starters), not to mention Sweet Life. However, there are other alternatives:

  • Rennie’s Landing, 1214 Kincaid St. — It’s right next to campus, so you can stumble to class five minutes before it starts. Perfect place to grab a pitcher and watch a game or read a textbook.
  • Eugene City Brewery, 844 Olive St. — Bring your book and order a pint and a burger. On Fridays Eugene City has a trivia night. Since it’s dead week, I’m sure the trivia will be on “organic chemistry” and “microeconomics”.
  • The Bier Stein, 345 E 11th Ave. — Incentivize your studying by buying yourself a beer, one for every chapter you read, one for every hour you study, one for getting out your notes….with so many reasons to study and Cheba Hut next door, it’s a guaranteed win for everyone!
  • Reser Stadium, 105 Gils  Coliseum, Corvallis — Screw finals, its CIVIL WAR.
  1. JMB says:

    If you are going to list ECB (aka Rogue), you should mention the two special days.

    -Wear a Hawaiian shirt on Tuesday, and get a free beer with the purchase of one.
    -Wear pyjamas on Sunday (which is perfect for studying for finals, since a lot of students just don’t take them off), and get a free beer with the purchase of one.

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