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Students riot when NYC principal cuts bathroom access

In an act of complete and utter idiocy, the principal of a Manhattan school severely restricted students’ access to bathrooms, purportedly because of two fights in the lavatories during class (WINS New York). It backfired a little bit — hundreds of the school’s 2,400 students responded by rioting, a the local CBS affiliate reported.

School surveillance cameras captured the scene. The typical chaos ensued as they swarmed the halls screaming and protesting. Some students identified in the footage are facing disciplinary action.

While bathrooms are merely a privilege afforded to students, this event leads me to wonder whether American schools becoming too authoritarian. What do you think?

  1. Joe Neubarth says:

    Well, if kids are being beaten up in the bathrooms, SOMETHING needs to be done. I suppose they can have outdoor public urinals for the guys like the do in France. give them a privacy shield that comes up to the chest but deny them access to an enclosed room.

  2. Rarian Rakista says:

    “While bathrooms are merely a privilege afforded to students”

    You are joking right, schools have been sued over restricting bathroom access, it can lead to kidney problems and yeast infections.

  3. Java says:

    If you gotta go, you gotta go. Think even the preamble to the United Nations Charter would support bathroom breaks as a necessity, and having nothing to do with privilege.

    If the students abuse their passes, if the teachers find students to be out of control, some creative putting-together-of-heads is called for. Until something more pleasant comes to fruition, I suggest security guards carry a very big stick at the head of a line of students squirming and pressing hands against their nether regions…

    At the DMV everybody has to take a number. After that, it’s first come first serve. Oh, you think that would cut into class time? Seems what’s going on now won’t lead to college.

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