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Sudsy Wants You to Join the Oregon Commentator

Bob Welch’s next column, in its entirety: “Go Ducks!(1,000)” Media digest Jan. 4, 2011

Some business, first and foremost: a post on the new Voice and Ethos is on its way, but there is a lot to read yet on that score.

With that down, I’d like to draw our attention to the words of Eugene resident Leslie Graham, who gives the following pointer to Guard columnist Bob Welch: “I love my Ducks! That’s what Welch should have said, over and over again.” Also, who here wouldn’t like to see Eugene’s Bob Welch perform a set of Fleetwood Mac covers, or possibly turn out for the Oakland Athletics?

Public affairs:



  • The grass at the national championship will be from Oregon too, although its groundskeeper is a Hated Beavs alumnus (Register-Guard). For me, this is easily the most interesting sports story of the day.
  • Emerald mist-eye Kenny Ocker gets nostalgic about Mac Court (Emerald); while lizard Robert Husseman surmises the experience of Oregon Football’s coaches may be important (Emerald)
  • Oregon Football: are its coaches closing their practices in the interest of being tricky (Register-Guard)?; is not favored by bookies (Ron Raymond’s Sports Betting Blog); will be inspired by a retired boxer from a new-ish movie (Register-Guard); will be celebrated during its ruck in Glendale in McArthur Court (Emerald, KVAL, KEZI, KCBY); a local dealership will drive a car to Glendale (KEZI); fan of the day (Oregonian)
  • A man who turned out for Oregon Wrestling, fought Anderson Silva, and became a Republican nominee for the State House has taken a plea bargain in connection with a real estate swindle (Oregonian, KMTR).

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