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Sudsy Wants You to Join the Oregon Commentator

Interview Issue Online!

After nigh on 30 hours awake, the Interview Issue has graced your web browser with more fun and excitement than you could ever expect from 22 pages of text. Inside:

  • Learn about your ladyparts with UO Nurse Practitioner Colleen Jones!
  • Nerd out about the ASUO with English dramatist Henry Fielding and Houston Rocket Aaron Brooks!
  • Read about Students for Life President David Lach! You don’t have a choice!*
  • A man who needs no introduction . . .
  • Get paranoid with Zach Vishanoff and An Tae Sik!
  • Lament the one that got away!

It’s a REAL THING. Get it here. Enjoy or die!

*Get it? Get it? See what we did there?

  1. Ellie Macallan says:

    I prefer forks anyways.

  2. sensei sez says:

    Well Ellie that is truly tragic the comments were not meant to be spoon fed…….sorry cupcake……call the whambulance ?

  3. Ellie Macallan says:

    @nike urbanized duk sensei- excuse me, my brain is exploding from the utter lack of clarity in your comment. It seems as though you had a lovely paragraph and then you took that paragraph and put it in a canon and then you shot that canon and picked up the pieces and put them in a random order but half way through you decided to scrap that paragraph and started writing something else entirely.

  4. nike urbanized duk sensei says:

    I read the print version…too lazy to tackle the entire one you posted online….Tomcats grade is in. A+ for effort. There are meaning and accuracy due to a overly fragmented presentation and errors that occurred when you changed the audio to writing. You final grade is a C. That grade can be changed to a A if you report on the lame Nike Park war in Tokyo. One more thing……that text you were presented with about the Nike World Campus looking “like the Nazis had won” -those were not my words (from a Portland architecture blog) but if I had any input over how this was presented that text would have been in there somewhere. That is the MAIN over-arching point. The campus is being “upgraded” to a Nike-like campus. Read the assigned book.

  5. CJ Ciaramella says:

    Yeah, great issue, guys. It was very presidential.

  6. nike urbanized duk says:

    suddenly I am scared to read this……oh well I will wait for the print version….anyway KEZI released a few crumbs about the new PHIT LLC project (Cas center expansion) I am tracking…..there is going to be a hearing. Will CK round up all the ducklings and bring them ALL to the hearing ? That could provide a handsome set of incentives for others to not testify . That is what they did for the UO arena permit hearing.

  7. FTB says:

    depends on your pdf reader probably, it works fine for me.

  8. Helen Metts says:

    All around great issue though! The interviews are really well done.

  9. Helen Metts says:

    On the back cover, the no OSPRIG URL leads to nowhere.

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