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OSPIRG Contract Hearing Relocated, Will Be Without Public Comment

EUGENE – The Athletics and Contracts Finance Committee has relocated its hearing on the OSPIRG contract to 221 McKenzie Hall. The change was requested by OSPIRG Board Chair Charles Denson, according to ACFC Chair Sen. Brianna Woodside-Gomez. Woodside-Gomez also told the Commentator that there would not be opportunity for public comment during the hearing.

Woodside-Gomez explained that she had been contacted by Denson, who asked if other rooms were available. Denson said that the scheduled room, 107 Esslinger Hall, would not accommodate the number of supporters who would be in attendance, Woodside-Gomez explained. She continued to say that Denson told her that he had contacted university scheduling, that a room was available and that Sen. Zachary Stark-MacMillan could book the room for ACFC, which was done.

Woodside-Gomez also stated that public comment would not be allowed during the hearing, which is the last hearing OSPIRG will have before their contract, as part of the total ACFC budget, will be voted on by the ASUO Senate. “I just don’t want this to get out of hand, I want this to go quick,” said Woodside-Gomez. She continued to say that OSPIRG had already had ample opportunity to make its case to the committee. “We’ve been lobbied constantly… They’re sending us public testimony through email.”

OSPIRG’s hearing at its new location will begin at 5 P.M. Wednesday, February 2.

  1. nike urbanized duk says:

    Throw that freaking zombie OSPIGG back into the hole they crawled out of. Again. Hearings can be so….divisive…lets just all unite sustainably UNDER THE FASCIST OSPIGG UNITED NATIONS FLAG !

  2. Steve Toyota says:

    No opportunity for public comment. Gee, Sen. Gomez, sounds like you want to approve this without the consent of the public.

    OSPIRG, simply, needs to be put down like a dead dog, and Charles Denson to be run off the campus like the little coward that he is.

  3. monalisasmiles says:

    Get rid of OSPIRG. It’s a waste of money and time.

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