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Sudsy Wants You to Join the Oregon Commentator

Is Yakima in the Middle East?

The killjoys in Yakima, Washington don’t like scantily clad women apparently. Perhaps what’s more entertaining is that the barista charged with indecent exposure was let off the hook, while her boss took the fall. All of this was responsibly decided on by a jury with no hard evidence. But I digress, those of you thinking about spring-breaking at this particularly popular destination might want to consider wearing more than a G-string in public and putting a sweater over anything remotely see-through.

  1. J says:

    In fairness to the people who complained, Dream Girls is a coffee stand in which all the baristas wear lingerie. I used to live in Yakima and went to that coffee stand several times. (While girls in lingerie don’t do much for me, the place was only three blocks from my job and the coffee was cheap). I’m a liberal woman who has performed in Rocky Horror, so I’m absolutely not opposed to people going out in public in very little clothing, but If something was deemed too revealing for that particular business, she must have been practically naked, because what the employees wore when I went there didn’t leave much to the imagination.

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