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Quinlan to Remain on ACFC, Says Con Court

EUGENE – Andrew Quinlan, at-large member of the Athletics and Contracts Finance Committee, was found not guilty of non-fulfillment of duties by the Constitutional Court today. The decision, a result of a grievance filed on January 18 by university student Kevin Cronin, was signed by Chief Justice Andrae Washington and Justices Jerrett Glass and Casey King.

According to the findings of fact, “Quinlan had not filled out office hour information for winter term and had also not submitted contact information” as of January 18 when Cronin inquired as to the office hours of all senators and members of the ASUO’s finance committees. Cronin submitted his grievance, asking Con Court to remove Quinlan from the ACFC, the same day.

While the Court agreed that Quinlan had not posted his hours in accordance with the committee’s bylaws, they decided that the decision find a member in non-fulfillment was discretionary. The Court cited the presence of the word “may” in the ACFC bylaws, saying, “The word ‘may’ allows for discretion on whether or not to find non-fulfillment if any of the listed subsections apply. If this Court were to read otherwise the consequences would be downright draconian and reduce the Court to merely being the rubber stamp enforcer of the other branches.”

In a dissenting opinion, Justice Nick Schultz, joined in part by Justice Megan Benevento, argued that the rest of the Court had ignored the law to protect Quinlan. “In working to ensure that a harsh sentence is not levied against Mr. Quinlan, the Majority has failed to hold Mr. Quinlan accountable for his conduct.  In the end, Mr. Quinlan has been neither admonished nor reprimanded for his misconduct, which is in clear violation of the ACFC Bylaws,” Schultz said.

ASUO President Amelie Rousseau said “The GTN makes it really clear what the responsibilities are… I would hope that people would know the responsibilities of the job before they are elected.” Rousseau went on to say, “I do agree with the ruling that [Quinlan] is doing his job now.” She concluded by saying, “I respect the Court’s decision.”

When asked for his reaction, Cronin told the Commentator that, “Hopefully the decision will raise awareness.” Cronin went on to say that “ASUO members need to be well trained and need to learn how to do their jobs.” Though Cronin said a number of senators and committee members had not filed office hours, he filed the grievance against Quinlan specifically because “Quinlan was the worst of the worst.”

Calls and emails to Quinlan from the Commentator were not returned.

  1. ASUO Alumni says:

    This has to be the most ridiculous opinion by the Con Court I’ve ever read, and I’ve been following the ASUO for a while. My favorite part:
    “It might be argued that Mr. Quinlan was responsible for reading the bylaws under Sec. 4.1(e) and therefore knew the mandatory requirements. 4.1(e) only holds one responsible for reading the bylaws not to be responsible for everything read. 4.1(e) does not hold Mr. Quinlan responsible for everything he was required to read.”
    Are you kidding me?

  2. Ellie Macallan says:

    Well, that’s just peachy.

  3. Steve Toyota says:

    No no, Ellie.

    I. Want. You.

  4. Ellie Macallan says:

    You two should just fuck already.

  5. Steve Toyota says:

    Mr. Becker,

    If you happen to find my IP address, you’ll know I’m not at the ASUO. I’m actually sniping from a different location entirely. And I’m not a member of the ASUO. I’m just being an asshole to someone who tried to get a good man kicked off of Senate.

    I’m evil. Deal.

  6. Andrew Becker says:

    You mean that the workers voted that they don’t have to show up for work? Shocking.

    I’m quite appalled that someone in student government decided to hide behind the alias “Steve Toyota” to make snide cheap-shots at the only person actively trying to bring accountability to this situation. How childish.

  7. Steve Toyota says:

    Some of us don’t want to look at your face, Kevin. Deal with it.

  8. Kevin Cronin says:

    Any student at anytime may request office hours for their student representatives. I highly suggest meeting with your senators if you would like to voice your opinion. Its just hard to meet with them when they don’t show up for fifteen weeks in a row.

  9. monalisasmiles says:

    “Cronin said a number of senators and committee members had not filed office hours” …so…like…what’s up with that? These people get paid from STUDENT incidental money to do their job…which I assume means showing up to office hours. So…what are they doing instead of going to office hours? …

  10. Chris Bocchicchio says:

    politic bs as always. the exec trying to push quinlan out to get ospirg in. If only they knew what was in store

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