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PFC shelves Sustainability Coordinator pay discussion – Senate will probably deal with it

Last night the Programs Finance Committee, a number of ASUO senators and a boardroom full of audience members all sat down with the student fee-funded Sustainability Coordinator to discuss her salary. After about half an hour of relevant conversation, a 5-1-1 vote ended discussion, leaving the ASUO Senate to talk about it tonight.

  • Executive budget is actually $4,000 shorter than previously thought
  • PFC budget is $9,000 in excess, a 5.8% increase for next year
  • Sustainability Coordinator originally to be part-time first year, full-time after that; they started her at full-time and can’t really demote her now; her salary is currently set at $40,000
  • It’s kind of funny to watch somebody sit while a bunch of students debate their income
  • Sen. Kerry Snodgrass and the PFC chair bicker back and forth in amusing fashion
  • Everybody in that room popped a worry-boner when somebody mentioned how if they cut the SC’s salary the survival center wouldn’t be completed for years and years

Will the SC lose half her salary? Will anybody care about the sustainability center when it’s completed? How many more senate resignations will this kind of duty-shoving cause in spring term? All these questions answered and more, on tonight’s episode of “ASUO senate: Haha, that stipend probably isn’t worth it!”

EDIT: PFC is actually ~$100 under benchmark. Spreadsheet in the works.

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