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Sudsy Wants You to Join the Oregon Commentator

Rough Draft Review with the OC!

I took it upon myself to help one of our fellow publications get an A+ on their next Writing 121 assignment and doled out some advice, grammatical and otherwise:

I wish I had a red pen for this

I think I might have been too late, though. This one’s about a meeting about five weeks ago; he must have turned it in late.

  1. Heh. says:

    Is anyone actually surprised that the professional activists who ostensibly “work” at the Insurgent are, in fact, barely literate? It’s not as if they’re attending this university for the purposes of actually receiving an education, after all. Would that this campus actually had an informed and intelligent radical publication. Alas, all we have is a sad “collective” of sloganeering posers who evidently have only the shakiest grasp of the very ideas they’re purportedly advocating.

  2. Nick says:

    I like how the “i” crossed out in the headline makes the Burning Man symbol.

  3. Cims G says:

    Yes it is me. First, Two things. First, HOW DARE YOU!?! Second, Don’t u know drunking repub retreads no anything. Survival Center students do not follow your cultures grammer at schools. We are people, people must act like people. Freddom! FREEDDDOM!!! CIMS WILL NOT TAKE THIS. GLOBAL WARMING WILL END WHEN MY PEACE CART REPLACES THE BALD EAGLE AS THE SYMBOL OF THE USA.

    Third, I praid to a compost pile. The pile had mostly large crusty bagels, some old tater tots, brown salad leaves and lots of old sandwitches, also a rotten Potatoe, and an unused chickin. I prayed to that stinking pile of love my dream to have OSPIRG return. this was the same day our president, blessed be her name, Almllie Roscoe made that veto. So u friggin Repiublican scam pushers can go suck on some wheatgrass. I know a great place to get some, and it’s organic, it’s called my asshole.


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