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Sudsy Wants You to Join the Oregon Commentator

About those Dutch Mafia stickers…

Picture borrowed from

Picture borrowed from

Thanksgiving Eve in Eugene this year was marred by a shootout at a Dutch Bros coffee stand. While one (alleged) robber, Sirius Combs was shot dead, another, allegedly Brandon Lee Plunk fled the scene. The trial began on Tuesday with the defense alluding that the robbery was not in fact a robbery, but rather a drug deal. According to the defense, Plunk had been told by Combs that Combs was picking up money which was owed to him.

When asked if he had framed Combs, the barista responded that he had “absolutely not.”

Plunks integrity was brought into question when Plunk was shown telling police that he was not with Combs that evening and then footage from a Wendy’s showed the two men eating together.

The bartista, who brought his .40-caliber Glock to work testified “I recognized I was in a vulnerable position all by myself.”

According to the Register Guard, while Combs was in the kiosk with the barista and distracted the barista “quickly pulled his own gun, from his waistband holster, put a round in the chamber, and began firing at Combs.”

(Perhaps this is a silly question, but if the barista had a gun in a waistband holster and said robber was in close proximity wouldn’t the  robber have noticed?)

  1. CJ says:

    I, for one, love the new nanotechnology-enhanced, self-replicating, New Urbanist, student-athlete dorms.

  2. Das Frohn says:

    It’s been whispered for years that certain Dutch Bros sell certain drugs. I’ve never tested the rumor myself (nobody ever whispered anything about peyote), but it might be a good opportunity for the OC to brush off the old investigative journalism/Chris Hansen-style entrapment routine. Just don’t bring your gat along.

    Or, you could just turn this whole benighted magazine over to N.U.D… but then you would be FORCED TO DEAL WITH THE TRUTH! Nobody wants that. Now go read your special copy of Catcher In The Rye and write about how much you love the new nanotechnology-enhanced, self-replicating, New Urbanist, student-athlete dorms.

  3. Hold on, I can’t hear you I’m cooking and cleaning. Could you hand me your shirt? It looks like it needs to be ironed.

  4. Gsim says:

    Don’t be sexist, AD ’07

    Bitches hate sexism.

  5. AD '07 says:

    Aww naw you got me all wrong- you done reported good. The bro-ista is a hero! I was just trying to point out to everyone a couple big mistakes he made that put him at a disadvantage to the robber, and the realities (astonishingly accurately reported) about the gunfight.

    Jeff Cooper had a great idea about assigning guilt by proximity where if a goblin died where he was trespassing, it seems like a pretty clear case against him.

    No matter what they tell you at the loony bin in Eugene, don’t try too hard to change your ‘paradigm’ of being a woman. I advise you to not only accept this biological reality, but also embrace womanhood and find a good man to travel life together.

    Lest we not forget- “The unarmed man is not just defenseless − he is also contemptible.” Machiavelli

  6. @AD ’07-
    I did not mean to imply guilt in any way but report the situation as told through the eyes of the RG and KVAL. I was not questioning the shots nor did I mention how quickly Combs died. I was not there, so I do not know what happened but the defense is interesting if not ironic.
    My question at the end, was an honest question. Being stuck in the paradigm of being a woman, I overlooked the fact that men wear clothing possible of hiding a gun. I am lernd. Now if you’ll excuse me I have to go collect some *coffee a DB employee owes me. *cough.

  7. AD '07 says:

    Move aside shallow waters, let deep seas roll in.

    Melissa, that’s the whole point of carrying concealed, so his shirt/jacket/hoody was covering it up.

    Notice how he made the mistake of not carrying a round in the chamber. Anyone who has fired a handgun knows that racking a round isn’t a discreet process.

    Notice also how the target didn’t immediately stop being a threat after he was shot, and actually fired shots at the bro-ista even after he has taken rounds at close range. People don’t die instantly from handguns in most cases.

    You are lernd.

  8. Lyzi Diamond says:

    Zach, if you have something to say, please email it to me instead of writing irrelevant comments on unrelated blog posts.


  9. weidler says:

    I value the degree overall. You do gain maturity and socialization with a 2 or 4-year degree and those benefits and ties last a lifetime. Look online for “United Forensic College” Specifically, a criminal justice degree helps early in the career with nuts and bolts when you are on the street.

  10. Fizzle T. Bizzle says:

    Hey N.U.D., point landed. You hate the new dorm.

    Sort of off-topic, though, considering where you are posting currently.


  11. nike urbanized sensei says:

    Disappoint would not be how to describe it. It was more like picking up a package of Tillamook cheese and starting to nibble it only to find this slimy oozing cheeze whiz goo in the package instead. Did you ever see that interesting device OC has researched that starts with a cheesepuff and produces Oregon Voice articles ? Something about this feature remind me of that miraculous contraption. So, more of a slimy surprise than a disappointment. Grade: F+

  12. Melissa says:

    Sorry to disappoint, it was a follow-up on an article I wrote earlier this (academic) year. If you’d like I can amend the end to say “you are all fascist pigs” or “I love OSPIRG” I would be happy to acquiesce.

  13. nike urbanized dungeons says:

    Since crime in Fairmount area is your topic lets slip down a little dead end here for a chat. I glanced at a Moss dorm glamorizing type brochure like feature in your new issue. After 15 seconds I identified it as a weapon of mass doucheness. I am concerned that a Johnson Hall related nerd sleeper cell may have infiltrated your publication. On that note if you would ever like to present a balanced dissection of THAT FASCIST NIKE DORM let me know. Bottom line: I kicked that fucking dorm off of the East side of Moss Street to its current Eysterwussedout spot where it is now being built. That is pretty provable. Better luck next brochure.

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