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Sudsy Wants You to Join the Oregon Commentator

ASUO Elections – Day 2 (UPDATED)

ASUO Elections Coordinator Will Price has not yet returned phone calls regarding the Elections Board’s handling of pending grievances.

Rainfall seemed to only slightly damper campaign activities today. Student’s United’s Brian Allen, currently ASUO Outreach Coordinator, was seen sporting a multi-color umbrella hat earlier today.

According to the Oregon Daily Emerald‘s blog, Publisher Ryan Frank contacted officials from both Students United, who had been stamping copies of the ODE with pro-SU messages, and Ben and Katie, whose filers were found in copies of the ODE yesterday. Both campaigns were apologetic, denied official knowledge of the activities and promised to take steps to prevent them in the future. Editor-in-Chief Nora Simon discussed the situation, and outlined the paper’s plans to provide fair, unbiased elections coverage.

A full news story will be ┬áposted tonight after the Candidate Debate. A Recap of tonight’s special Senate Meeting will also be posted later either tonight or early tomorrow.

UPDATE: The Commentator, was able to contact Price, who said he would forward information on the grievances filed thus far tonight. He also stated that the Elections Board will be deciding the grievances tomorrow.

  1. JMB says:

    All this nonsense is exactly why I am not at all sympathetic to the idea that students deserve significant input on issues like the ORI/Riverfront Research Park plan, or any other long-term infrastructure project. Why should the gaggle of idiots who make up student government, and will be gone in 4 or so years, have any say in such matters?

  2. Brian Allen says:

    I love my umbrella hat!! Got to love that “liquid sunshine” out today. Vote Students United!

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