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ASUO Senate Recap

Oh lord, Senate was boring tonight (as usual). But yeah, okay, let’s see, what happened tonight…

The Art History Association made a request to move some money from one thing to another within the group, Senate just kind of approved that by acclimation.
AAF Ad Club requested money to put on some sort of event in Allen Hall tomorrow evening at 5:30pm, mostly they needed it for pizza because they are getting some from the Pizza Research Institute – apparently a lot of their members are vegans so this was a priority – and Senate decided to make this the requisite issue they spend a ton of time bickering about. They spent roughly 15 minutes arguing about details and ended up approving $247 ($200 less than what the group asked for) by a vote of 9-6-1.
Safe Ride asked for some money for gasoline and stuff, it was approved unanimously because people don’t like being assaulted.

After that they moved onto confirmations. There were three executive appointees: Nathaneal Keohane (DFC), Rachel Bracker (EMU), and Shabd Khalsa (ACFC). All three appointees were approved by a 15-0 vote amid great thunderclaps of applause. Senate discussed summer officer elections, apparently there was some confusion as to who is to hold seats over the summer – some clerical error – but it seems that people actually do know, so that’s okay. After that there was some boring stuff like approval of minutes, ASUO Prez Ben Eckstein talked a bit about officer updates, and people just kind of wanted to leave.

Entertainment: B-
Official Business: C+
Bickering Quota Met: A-
Diverse People Appointed to Senate: A
Overall Grade For This Meeting: B+

  1. Sophie says:

    Senate so hot right now senate

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