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Sudsy Wants You to Join the Oregon Commentator

Insert Awful “Winning!” Joke Here

UO is about to get a SHEEN of it’s own, and no, it’s not Charlie. (Did it!)

Ex-ASUO President and wild-land firefighter Sam Dotters-Katz has started a PAC (Political Action Committee, stupes): SHEEN, or Students for Higher Education Excellence Now. Actually, he started this back in November, but we’re just sobering up from Thanksgiving now.

SHEEN’s mission carries on the goals of our now-former President, aiming to create a “local governing board dedicated to improving UO” and a “new funding relationship with the state,” in the hopes of giving the University it’s own tuition stability “while also enhancing the quality of the academic experience.”

Though Dotters-Katz has been blogging for weeks now, today is SHEEN’s “Day of Action,” (also noted as Lariviere’s last day as UO Prez) which can be taken in two forms: Emailing or calling your representatives (no drunk dialing, D’Andrea) and the infinitely easier liking on Facebook.

This is the kind of tangible political action that the Oregon Commentator values over sign-waving and extended camping trips. Show some real Duck pride by taking 5 minutes of your day to support SHEEN, and remember that every time you tell a friend Richard Lariviere gets a new hat.


  1. Sophie says:

    We were referring to the formation of the PAC, which is a more effective form of change than sign-waving and protests. Duh.

  2. The Litigator says:

    So e-mails and Facebook “likes” are more tangible than actual physical signs and outdoor demonstrations?

    Do you and your editor even read over the idiotic things that fall out of your skull, or do neither of you have any conception of what tangibility is? Because no one, for or against the issue and this form of action, should ever make the claim that electronically transmitted information is more tangible than objects actually crafted from wood and other materials.

    Get out your dictionary kid and find a more appropriate word. Or at least omit it, because its placement was completely redundant to begin with.

  3. Well, I guess I’m in love with Google images. It happens.

  4. Sophie says:

    Google Images

  5. I love that photo. Is it Vong? Or Ciaglo?

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