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Sudsy Wants You to Join the Oregon Commentator

OSPIRG Reveals New Year’s Resolution: Be Bigger Money-Grubbing Whores Than Ever Before!

As reported by the Ol’ Dirty, OSPIRG is looking for a 97 percent increase in funding, upping their budget to a whopping $150,000. What have they done to deserve this? Nothing so far. But the majority of the Senate and their Finance Committee are OSPIRG supporters, so poor decisions will most likely abound.

The Commentator will keep you updated as the stupidity unfolds.

  1. nike urbanized duk says:

    Whatever happened to that effing “ConnectingEugene” group. ASUO gave them 65 thousand and nothing since. Now the fascist UO planners have restarted a new ORI development surge in the swampy UO Research Park again. 30 trees cut about a week ago. Now digging to build ORI. Where is the lab that was originally going to this new ORI site ? Journalism free zone……reporters and editors all polishing the helmets of the athletic dept…usual good ol Duck clusterfuck……where did ConnectingEugene go ? Vegas ?

  2. Sophie, if you’re going to impersonate someone, learn how to spell his name. Franklin, I don’t read about the ASUO and don’t care about your numbers. Sorry.

  3. Thomchak says:

    Well thanks for the correct numbers FRANKLIN

  4. Frankie B says:

    He’s right, actually. We put over 150k in the editorial for a more easily visualized number and because there’s a good chance it will end up with less than the full amount.

    linky here

  5. Sen. Rudin says:

    Actually, it’s about $170,000. But, if you ask me, that’s practically a distinction without a difference. I don’t complain about the amount, I complain about the principle.

    As Thomas Jefferson said (paraphrasing), NOBODY should be compelled to furnish funds for the propagation of opinions which he/she disbelieves and abhors. It is sinful and tyrannical. I don’t care if it’s a penny or $170,000, the difference is in degree, not kind. To those who might say “who says students disbelieve and abhor these opinions?” that’s irrelevant; if people are forced to contribute, then whether they agree with the views or not makes no difference.

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