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OLCC Officer gets “Best Use of Government Office Space” Award

A state liquor inspector has resigned after allegations that he had sex with his wife and with a girlfriend in an office in the Hillsboro Police Department’s East Precinct. He also was accused of using a state account to buy gas for his personal car.

 Harry Hyun is one of the OLCC’s 40 sworn peace officers who “monitor activities and enforce rules at state-run liquor outlets and at bars licensed to sell hard drinks.”

 After a rough day of visiting bars to monitor their alcohol consumption, who wouldn’t want to finish it with a nice shag on top of the copy machine?

Hyun confessed “that he had brought his wife and girlfriend into his office and on several separate occasions he had engaged in sexual activity with them.”…  The visits to the office apparently had been going on over a period of two years before they were discovered.

 TWO FUCKING YEARS!!! Perhaps someone in the OLCC office knew about about Hyun’s desktop copulation but didn’t report it (more likely, they got to participate). Regardless, the OLCC doesn’t appear to effectively monitor how their employees spend their time or money.

It’s important to point out that “the internal investigation found no evidence of illegal misconduct.” It’s not actually illegal to have sex in a government office; it’s just bad PR. In the history of taxpayer-funded sexcapades, Hyun’s situation is one of many small-scale repeats of Bill Clinton’s blowjob-under-the-Oval-Office-desk scandal: it would have made a great story if he didn’t get caught.

Harry Hyun chose to resign as investigations of his office yielded more surprises:Investigators found state motor vehicle records on his desk that apparently were for personal use rather than official business… Hyun signed an agreement with the state to immediately repay $345 to the Oregon Liquor Control Commission for the gas.

Because Hyun violated self-evident ethical principles like stealing (read: because Hyun was caught and brought to the media’s attention), he “agreed never to seek work with the state again.” Thanks, Harry, we all feel better now. I’ll bet you $345 that he’ll find another government agency to screw around with.

 They might as well pat him on the head and say, “Okey-dokey, Harry, run along now and be a good boy!” Shouldn’t sworn peace officers be held to a higher standard? If any other citizen stole gas or siphoned state funds for personal use, they couldn’t just “pay it back and promise not to do it again.” Way to let your own folks off the hook, OLCC!

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