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Sudsy Wants You to Join the Oregon Commentator

Governers oppose 82, competition, equal-opportunity

In reading this Register-Guard article and this one by The Associated Press, I find the arguments against Measures 82 and 83 to be silly.

Tim Raphael, Governor Kitzhaber’s spokesman, told The Oregonian that authorizing a non-tribal casino would break the agreement made with Native American tribes. Casinos are illegal in Oregon, however tribes are allowed to operate casino on Native American land under federal law. The agreement: just one casino per tribe, and no competition.

“They kept their end of the bargain,” Raphael explained to The Oregonian. “It’s wrong to break our agreement.”

Former Governors Vic Atiyeh, Barbara Roberts and Ted Kulongoski have also publicly opposed the measures.


A casino may not be the best thing to happen to the Portland area, but the last time I checked,

  • competition is good for capitalism
  • all demographics of people are entitled to a business
  • people should be free to throw their money away
  1. Tyler Millette says:

    Not to mention a huge chunk of the taxes implemented will go straight into the State’s general fund.

  2. Nick Ekblad says:

    Definitely a necessity in 2013; but since, in our existence, time is experienced linearly, we can only practically address the small pox of this and coming times. Small pox of the past cannot be eradicated.

  3. Jeremy Hedlund says:

    So should all people have the right to be free from smallpox blankets?

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