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8 cent prints up for review

Library Systems Department took control of the three campus labs on September 1st, leading to the inclusion of these labs on Pharos, the pay-to-print system. This means that printing now costs 8 cents everywhere on campus instead of just Knight Library. I asked Nancy Slight-Gibney about the cost of printing and the process of determining the price that students pay. She responded in an email:

There is a “fee book” process once per year. In December we look at our costs and determine if a fee increase (or decrease) is justifiable. We then propose the change, write up a justification and send it to the Budget and Resource Planning office. They gather all of the non-course related fee proposals together from throughout campus and hold a public hearing, usually in February. All fee changes that impact students are also reviewed by Student Affairs. After the public hearing, sometimes modifications are made and then the final proposal goes to the State Board of Higher Education. The Board has the final say in approving or disapproving the fees. The new fee structure then takes effect on July 1.

FYI, from the department’s website:

The Library Systems Department supports information technology used throughout the UO Libraries, both by library staff and library patrons. The ten members of the department maintain computer hardware and software for approximately 310 computers and laptops used by the library’s patrons, more than 350 staff computers, and computers used in library classrooms and manage the Computer Help desk in the Knight Library Learning Commons.

Following the site, department staff manages the library’s electronic resources and maintains all the servers, the library catalogs and collections, and Pharos. Nancy Slight-Gibney says that this is a good time to ask for a review of printing fees and include the students’ ideas into the review this Novermber. Email them with your thoughts at libsys(at)

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