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Sudsy Wants You to Join the Oregon Commentator

College Red vs. College Blue

This Thursday November 1st, the College Republicans and the College Democrats will be holding a debate. A number of topics will be discussed, including energy policy, economic recovery, health care, marriage equality and women’s economic rights.

ASUO Academic Affairs Director Harlan Mechling has told me that the event has been picking up steam. What’s more, the presidents of either group both hold positions in the ASUO, so things may get a little spicy.

Again the debate will take place this Thursday at 6:30 pm in McKenzie 129.

  1. Tyler Millette says:

    I hope they have their pre-planned answers memorized….. We wouldn’t want to risk an actual discussion of the issues!

  2. Nick Ekblad says:

    So, I mean, Bowman is some form of president then, is he not? 😉

  3. Ben Schorr says:

    Let’s get ready to ruuuuuuuuuumbbbbbbble!

  4. Nick Ekblad says:

    My mistake, I meant to mention that Senator Bowman is vice president of dem College Dems.

  5. Brudin says:

    Actually, Kathryne Maurer (President of College Democrats) does not hold an ASUO position

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