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Sudsy Wants You to Join the Oregon Commentator

Tyler’s 21st

11:13. Beer pong. My partner and I were up by seven. The other team miraculously got nine cups in one turn and won. Bullshit!

11:25. Snapchatting for dayyyyyyzzzzz

11:29. Ishwvekapzoxb

11:59. Is it twelve yet?


11:33. ” Gary Johnson sucks at running. That’s why he lost the election”

11:37. Fuzzy sound. Not boiling water. Just the radio. Dawson rocks. 104.7 FM

11:40. With backflips.

12:16 drunk. Awesome.

12:37 tots@@@ fox I love ranch

11:47. Jackets on, heading out!

12:43 what the duck is house of cards? I wanna watch Walking Dead

12:55 vodka and lemonade and taylors. Drunkkkkkkk and I have a midterm tomorrow ay ten, paper dye at 830. Fuck yeah

1:01 off to Max’s

1:08 Free popcorn !!!!!+! And apparently a peR cider. Yum I’m drunk

1:09 just ate a tree

1:17 on a scale of one to dry.I’m k Tailgating

1:20 mother fucking pears and popcorn

1:21 crying for America

1: 24 god Damn America Lizzy is the best

1:25 Eric Wiltshire for president

1:26 this is the beat 21st birthday everrrreee go commentator!

1:29 far Johnson for Americai don’t know what liveblog is.o Yeahbiddy

1,30 I am the Gary Johnson of liveblog

1:32 flip off my POS friends on a scale of 1 -2 I am Gary Johnson .

q:35 the golf of Mexico

1:37 Pooping at max’s. 1:38. God Damn I love America fuck yeah alcohol

1:40. Pulled the dry towel all the way out… Oops QQ

1:41 sousaphone, bitch

1:43 fuck yeah UO.

1:44. Fu,k yeah wTer. Heading home

  1. crustyspiderweb says:

    You didnt break your leg!! Congrats!

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