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Sudsy Wants You to Join the Oregon Commentator

New Issue Online, Off the Record!

We are very pleased to bring you the 4th issue of the Oregon Commentator’s 30th year publishing! Click here for Off the Record! The issue should be on stands by Monday.

  1. orwellduk says:

    The Emerald came out with some half assed coverage about the UO dumping and dozing family housing today. Just to be clever they added in a photo of a building about three blocks from the area being developed. If you see the print version of the piece of garbage today the caption of the article is something like “here is what is cooking” blah blah blah…..Someday someone has got to get the real story about this land laundering genocide

  2. Ethan says:

    I never said I needed my dick sucked, but a handy under the table, at the very least, wouldn’t be unreasonable.

  3. Lyzi says:

    Alex is right: less comment bitching, more fistfights.

    Seriously, though, I really enjoy the publishing going on here. Like, that there are issues. There should be more issues. Issues that are made by hiding in the OC office til 9am the next day and not getting kicked out by the night manager. That shit is real.

    And this one has a map! Joe, email me, let’s have a cartography chat! 🙂

  4. CJ says:

    Fuck yes, transfer the money and install that pole. And name it the Dave Frohnmayer Memorial Stripper Pole.

  5. Guy says:

    Thunderlove – I am pleased that I can accept full responsibility for the stripper pole line item. My legacy is complete.

  6. Thunderlove says:

    As much as I would love to credit Dane for adding the stripper pole I believe it was either CJ or Ossie’s year that it was that it was first introduced, we included it in our budget proposal because we wanted to honor our past and bring a stripper pole to the future of the OC

  7. ATS says:

    And get. The fuck. Off my motherfucking. Lawn!

  8. ATS says:

    And while you’re at it, fix the formatting in the comments section.

  9. ATS says:

    I’m never one to advocate less transparency, but way to make the publication look two-bit and whiny by bickering about this in the comments thread, guys. In my day, we yelled at eachother about this shit face-to-face, and sometimes smashed our cellular phones hard into the ground outside the Horsehead in a drunken rage (you know who you are, you Ol’ Polecat). I know all of you (Except the Pioneer Statue. That fucker creeped me out), and you’re better than that. Real Commentators solve their problems by:

    * shouting
    * fighting
    * creating a probably legally actionable hostile work environment
    * Machiavellian maneuvers and connivance
    * drowning our sorrows in booze and acting out
    * drugs?
    * killing animals

    Choose from one of these options in future please.

  10. Guy says:

    Emeritus shermritus. Who gives a shit? OC only started doing that publisher emeritus nonsense in the last five years or so (to honor me, cause I was such a huge dick-dragging, badass). If the current editor wants to cut it out, well don’t get you panties in a tight bunch. Grow a pair of nuts instead. Goddamn kids these days. Plus, you don’t get to be editor emeritus after printing two issues and quitting. I’d give him the title “quittercunt dickitus”, but I don’t know the details. Maybe he inadvertently gelded himself or his grandma died or something.

    Regarding the IRS and whoever is always bitching at our corporation status and the fees we don’t pay. Andy, I and Dane all navigated those waters too. I’m glad Ethan did his job, but I’m not going to be so dramatic as to suck his dick over it. Way to do your job Ethan. I know you didn’t get paid, so seriously: thanks for not fucking it up.

    Also, as I recall, I added the stripper pole line item (maybe Dane?). Either way I am delighted to see it getting put to use! Remember, it is possible to transfer balances from one line item to another – I believe it is up to 10%. What is the printing line item these days? ha ha. I would recommend having the pole professionally installed. You could do it with $1700 if you called around. Fiscal responsibility!

    Keep up the good work current OC! This issue makes my dick hard. Try to pump out another five or six more. At the bare minimum make sure you spend all those I-fee dollars. Make papa proud.

  11. crustyspiderweb says:

    For the gun map, leaving the states hollow gives a great impression of how broken up America is on interpreting the 2nd Amendment- especially in the NE. However, Alaska is not to scale and outlined for some reason, and Hawaii ceases to exist. Also putting backdrops on legends is always a crummy call. I MISS YOU ETHAN, AKA MY PARTENAIRE SEXUEL EMERITUS

  12. Ethan Bendau says:

    Having not participated during Ben’s term as EIC and having little knowledge of the circumstances surrounding his resignation, I can’t speak to that. But I would like to understand the decision to drop my name off the masthead. The “emeritus” status is traditionally used to denote the previous holder of office, and it has apparently been decided that my contributions were strikingly insignificant enough to warrant a deliberate change in the title.

  13. ellen says:

    Great issue and great coffee!

  14. Arty Stiff says:

    Did someone fart?
    Seems to me, someone with an emeritus position holds some measure of consultative value. It is a position of honor, not of privilege.
    Perhaps the current staff thinks that two people other than Ben Schorr and Ethan Bendau have more immediate/relevant consultative value. Too bad so sad.

  15. FauxShow says:

    Excuse you. I know how hard both of those gentleman worked–Bendau was the only force that kept the Commentator out of deep shit with the IRS last year–and ignoring their contributions is the most disingenuous thing this publication could do.

    As a former OCer myself, I find this extremely disrespectful and uncalled for.

  16. Nick Ekblad says:


    — one retired from professional life but permitted to retain as an honorary title the rank of the last office held

  17. Former DRUNK OC'er says:

    @fauxshow its a a privilege not a right to be on that masthead, and if you think they deserve it you don’t know anything about hard work

  18. FauxShow says:

    The Editor Emeritus of the Oregon Commentator is Ben Schorr. The Publisher Emeritus is Ethan Bendau. How are these basic facts about your own publication misrepresented?

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