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Temple, Texas Cops Illegally Arrest Active Duty Soldier

Truly a blow to democracy. Check this video.



Active duty soldier (veteran of the Iraq and Afganistan wars) and Concealed Handgun Licence holder Christopher J. Grisham was unlawfully disarmed and arrested on March 16 while hiking with his son, who was earning his Eagle Scout rank. Now Temple  police have a lawsuit on their hands. Grisham has begun to raise money for his court case and his fellow gun rights-advocating Americans are not letting him down!

After two days of fundraising for his court case, he reached double his fundraising goal. Read about his fundraising campaign here. This is a prime example of illegal search and seizure by over-zealous police. This is CHL holding active duty soldier walking with his son. He wasn’t menacing. The police needlessly handcuffed and disarmed this man. I’m all for police protecting themselves, but I hope every cop in America is watching this and notes that Americans are INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY and will not have their guns taken away. As Grisham says on his blog,

No one should have to fear being illegally disarmed without warrant, especially someone who has never committed a crime in his life.

  1. Nick Brent says:

    I don’t know how that fat slug got to be a cop. In Australia we would call him a “wanker”. A pathetic big head. Good on you mate for suing the bastard.

  2. Maxx says:

    Temple PD address (please drop them a line):

    209 E. Ave. A
    Temple, TX 76501

  3. Young Man says:

    ^^Aaron is one of those fucktards.

  4. Bon says:

    It doesn’t matter if ppl call the police cause someone is walking down the street with a gun…..if he has the right documents its totally legal. It’s not illegal to own a gun and have it on your person. The cops responded like this because it was an assault rifle. Regardless if you think no one but the police should have guns, it’s not illegal. Most cops think they are above the law….and most are worthless fuck tards

  5. Anonymous says:

    my personal thought about this,
    we need a 1000 man march along the same 10 mile hike with each carrying the same hunting rifle loaded or unloaded per their choice, dropped off at the staging point then picked up at the point where the arrest had taken place. Each person will donate $20.00 to the defense fund.

  6. aaron says:

    No one except a cop should be allowed to walk in publib with an assault rifle, especially in todays day and age. Good job cops. Serve and protect.

  7. Patriot says:

    I have read comments on other websites where some liberal moron asked, “Why is he walking around with an assault rifle?” I’ll tell you why…BECAUSE HE CAN!!!! He has a license to carry a gun, he is a law abiding American citizen, and he was not threatening anyone with it. I understand that the police were called and that’s ok but all they had to do was ask him some simple questions and run his ID!!! I respect law enforcement all over this country and it’s sad that a few have to make them all look bad. People are scared, angry, and do not trust police officers because of assholes like these!! They are not above the law but these cops are trying to act like they are and it sickens me!! To all of you good cops out there thank you so much for putting up with the crap that you take in everyday and for trying to make this country a better place. For all of you cops that do shit like this; take off your badge, hand it to your supervisor, and move to a different country because you are no longer welcome here!!!!!

  8. Annonymous says:

    This is what happens when our government things it is stronger than it’s citizens. Our police (three in this case) begin to supersede the rules (the constitution in this case).

    By the way the article should say Temple, TX not Temple, AZ, the later one does not exist.

  9. candles says:

    police departments across the country should increase the level of education needed to carry a badge. i have heard that college graduates are not sought and or not hired. keeping our public servants uneducated does us all a disservice.

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