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Sudsy Wants You to Join the Oregon Commentator

On Campus, In America

One can’t really involve one’s self in much study of the current ODE suicide coverage debacle without quickly hitting parallels to the New York Times problems. That is inevitable, it seems, since the editors of the Emerald and those in the Journalism school still abide the ridiculous notion that the Times sets the ethical, practical and social pace for American journalism. On the one hand the ODE callously deals in life and death as if it were covering a student senate hearing (which, for the record, they do poorly if at all).

So, the question becomes, will things get better? There is only the glimmer of hope for the ODE, where they hired a new editor for next year who may be less ideologically-driven. But the decay seen in that publication’s news structure suggests that it likely will be a while before one can really trust that they have covered a story fully, accurately and objectively.

Meanwhile, the NYT is likely to get worse before it gets better, according to NR editors, who write that the Times is flourishing in the business sense while crumbling journalistically.

Please stay tuned to the OC, where the ODE story will continue to be followed.

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