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Classic Media Quotes — 2003

The Media Research Center (a “watchdog” for liberal bias in the media) has released a compilation of quotes from various news organizations — all fantasticly biased, idiotic, or some combination of the two. My personal favorite comes from Tom Brokaw and Mike Taibbi on NBC Nightly News:

Brokaw: “NBC News ‘In Depth’ tonight. In the aftermath of the war on Iraq, new anxieties for some of the country’s educated, successful women. Although many may be glad to be rid of Saddam Hussein, many are also worried that a new government could set them back….”

Taibbi: “While the end to the Saddam regime means a return to long-denied freedoms for all Iraqis, it may also mean at least a temporary rollback of some hard-won freedoms for millions of Iraqi women…. While Saddam’s regime brutalized women – rape, torture, even beheadings – his secular government also gave women more rights than their counterparts in many other Islamic countries.”

That’s right, kids. Rape, torture and beheading are a small price to pay for basic human rights.

See the rest of the winners here.

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