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Under pressure from safety weenies, GM pulls kid-driving-Corvette ad

Story here.

The ad, which depicts a “young boy driving a Corvette sports car so recklessly that it goes airborne” to the sounds of “Jumpin’ Jack Flash,” was deemed “the most dangerous” ad in years by the Center for Auto Safety.

Two observations:

1. I did not need an ad to tell me it was a good idea to take my grandmother’s car for a joyride when I was 14. Nor, at age 10, to go to the garage (closed) while my parents were out of town and start up the car, thereby simultaneously satisfying my youthful desire to sit in the driver’s seat and exposing myself to carbon monoxide poisoning.

These ideas may have been motivated by my affinity for “Knight Rider” and the Duke Boys, but that point begs the question. Why did I like those shows in the first place? Because cars are cool. Just like fire is cool, and kids were playing with matches long before Beavis had anything to say about it.

2. Are those children’s beds you see at the mall that are modeled after stock cars next on the chopping block?

  1. Timothy says:

    This study brought to you by the council for condescending paternalism.

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