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Florida Heats Up; Ohio Cooks Up

Part of one familiar, naggingly insistent narrative reconstruction of the 2000 election involves the giant mess that was voter registration in Florida. I’m always somewhat irked by claims that this was a Republican (or exclusively Republican, at any rate) dirty-tricks campaign, and am a bit more sympathetic to, for instance, Dave Kopel‘s analysis. (Scroll down to “Deceit 4”.) Maybe it’s just because he seems a bit more, I don’t know, nuanced. Maybe it’s because he shouts less.

Anyway, I think it’s always valuable to be reminded that electoral fraud is
a thoroughly bipartisan issue. And this story is especially funny, because it features crack, and crack is funny.

(If you didn’t read it already, Kopel’s monograph is good level-headed stuff, the kind of thing we could use more of. If the only person I’d heard criticizing Fahrenheit 9/11 was Ann Coulter, I’d probably assume it was righteous as well.)

(It hardly needs to be said, but the hat tip goes to Hit and Run. Their headline is better, too.)

  1. Bret says:

    Another decent round-up of a Democrat-alinged group’s pervasive election fraud can be found here:

    All power to the people!

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