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Hurry It Up Already

Yasser Arafat still lingers near death, I guess evil is hard to kill, but this quote from “a source close to the Palestinian leadership” is priceless:

The source said Arafat may not face imminent death, but his death is a only matter of time.

That’s a universally true statement, now, isn’t it? I just wish Arafat would hurry the hell up and get planted in the ground so I can commence dancing on his grave.

  1. Sho says:

    Looks like Ashcroft wins!

  2. Stan says:

    One solution would be for Arafat to rule Palestine whilst dead, much like the glorious leader of North Korea.

  3. Danimal says:

    I haven’t seen any reliable news confirming Arafat’s death (even Drudge had nothing when I looked), but John Ashcroft has resigned. So the race is over. Or is it? Much like Arafat’s “I’m alive on paper!” coma, Ashcroft will retain his office until a successor is confirmed.

  4. melissa says:

    Dude. He’s not dead yet.

  5. Andy D says:

    “He died after bleeding in the brain began last night. His bodyguards started hugging and kissing and telling each other to be strong.”

    I knew he had something to do with the radical gay agenda..

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