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Sudsy Wants You to Join the Oregon Commentator

Dancing in the Show Tonight

Yesterday, Ian blogged about D.C. from Oregon. Today, I’ll blog about Eugene from the District.

This week the Chronicle of Higher Education has a tiny number of words on the Vincent draft plan (not only is it a “five-year plan,” it’s also a draft. Another good reason to oppose it!) which begat this post by (also D.C.-based) Joanne Jacobs; the story is also getting play at web journals such as this one and education blogs such as this one.

The word’s getting out — better start preparing for the Hannity interview now.

(Full text of the Chronicle blurb after the jump.)

The Chronicle of Higher Education
June 10, 2005, Friday

LENGTH: 161 words

HEADLINE: U. of Oregon Diversity Plan Sparks Criticism


The president of the University of Oregon has backed away from some of the more controversial parts of a proposed five-year diversity plan after some professors balked at it. Because of their objections, the plan will be sent to a committee of faculty members for further consideration.

The draft plan, which was released in early May, called for changing tenure and post-tenure reviews to include assessments of professors’ “cultural competency.” It also called for hiring 30 to 40 professors in the next seven years in several diversity-related areas, including race, gender, disability, and gay-and-lesbian studies.

In a letter to the president, David B. Frohnmayer, 24 professors called the draft plan “frightening and offensive.” They complained that it would spend too much money on “diversity-related bureaucracy.”

Mr. Frohnmayer said in an interview that administrators had “taken a step back from the draft plan, given the extent of the response.”

  1. Timothy says:

    Seriously, hurry up, WE WANT HATE!

  2. Tyler says:

    You guys should read the first ODE of the summer (June 21) for a bit more insight into the five-year brouhaha. Golly, I wonder who’s writing it?

    Oh, and Hate’s just about done. Dammit!

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