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Coast-to-Coast Stupidity

I hadn’t seen this before, but California’s hilariously moronic legislature apparently decided to ban all textbooks over the length of 200 pages a couple of weeks ago. Yes, that’s right: all textbooks used in public schools will have to be under 200 pages if Gov. Schwarzenegger signs the bill into law. From the SacBee article (free registration required):

AB 756 would force publishers to condense key ideas, basic problems and basic knowledge into 200 pages, then to provide a rich appendix with Web sites where students can go for more information.
Goldberg said the thrust of her bill is learning, not economics.

“We’re talking about a dynamic education system that brings young people into being a part of the learning process,” she said.

What this really means is that textbook publishers will now release multi-volume sets and thus be able to charge more. Hooray for government intervention! Let’s hope for everyone’s sake that the Governator uses some common sense and kills this idea before it starts spreading to other states. Idiocy is contagious amongst western state legislatures.

Meanwhile, on the east coast, the Vermont government has decided to disallow “religious viewpoints” on vanity plates. That’s right, apparantly the plate “JN36TN” is too subversively Christian for the state’s assistant attorney general. I’m all for the separation of church and state, but this is crazy.

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  2. Danimal says:

    Do let us know when you sort it out.

  3. Andy D says:

    damn b, I’m so high, I can’t tell if I’m reading or having a nightmare!

  4. Melissa says:

    The number of pages in a textbook has little to do with the success of the students. As a product of the school system in California, I can tell you that I didn’t read my text books.

    As Cameron Holmgren (Senior English 4b, Mrs. Gage, Fortuna High School 1999, regarding Wuthering Heights) once said,
    “What’s the point in reading this stuff? What if you can’t read?”

    Word, yo. That’s deep.

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