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Oregon Legislator News

Rep. Kelley Wirth Hit by Car – Driver Charged with Attempted Murder

An Oregon legislator, Rep. Kelley Wirth (D-Corvallis), was hit by a car driven by the angry and jealous girlfriend of a man with whom Rep. Wirth was allegedly in a relationship. [Superflous “with” removed by the department of redundancy department.]

Former Rep. Dan Doyle to Plead Guilty to Filing False Reports

In other news, former Rep. Dan Doyle (R-Salem) is evidently going to plead guilty to filing false campaign finance reports. His wife is also going to plead guilty. According to the article, the former lawmaker said “I did in fact file 11 reports over those years that were false. When I appear in court on Friday, I intend to plead guilty as charged.”

Former Eugene Mayor Jim Torrey Announces Bid for State Senate

Former Mayor Jim Torrey has tossed his hat into the race for the Senate seat currently held by Vicki Walker (D-Eugene). Torrey, a Republican, served two terms as mayor and declined to run for a third term despite efforts by some groups to convince him to run again.

Thanks to the Corvallis Gazette-Times, Albany Democrat-Herald, and OregonLive, for the above linked articles.

UPDATE: Fixed an instance of Rep. Kelley Wirth’s name that was misspelled.

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    beacause weve gott to have stranards!

  3. Timothy says:

    Misspellings have never bothered the Commentator, why let it start now?

  4. Michael G. says:

    Heh, you removed my superfluous ‘with’, but didn’t note the misspelling of the Rep’s name. I fixed that now that I spotted it.

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