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Sudsy Wants You to Join the Oregon Commentator

Rebecca Newell Nostalgia

Have you seen the new Girls of the Pac 10 Playboy? Oregon State University Senior Sara Jean graces the cover wearing nothing but Beaver body paint. The UO? Our three representatives are crammed together in one picture… an unimpressive menagerie of T&A apparently talent scouted drinking early at Tsunami’s.

Bottom Line: When it came time to parade out some flesh for Playboy magazine, OSU was drunk, flirty and ready to cock grind the nearest photographer when “Just a Little Bit” came on at Platinum. UO, apparently, was still sleeping off the hash. Shame on Ducks Village, a pox on Taylor’s, a stern finger wagging at the Recruitment office. You really dropped the ball on this one. This is UO’s worst showing in a major periodical since that post-Michigan victory SI cover.

Tim Adds: Just so nobody forgets.

  1. Awww…thanks Pete!
    Maybe the girls of University of Oregon have their sights set a little higher now….like Maxim 😉

  2. Danimal says:

    Yeah, as Ducks we fit more in the Hustler genre.

  3. Courtney says:

    Honestly Pete, their mascot is the BEAVERS. We didn’t stand a chance.

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